San Francisco Macy's find


Lives with a circus
Apr 10, 2011
My friend and I were in SF for the day yesterday, and after the DeYoung museum (we saw the Picasso exhibit and the Balenciaga fashion exhibit! Loved the Balenciaga clothes!!!)
We left the city and headed to stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto. Wandered around Nieman Marcus, Bloomies, and Macy's. I snagged a Chanel nail polish (505) which I ADORE!!!
Than it was my mission to find a "freedom" bag for taking the kids to the park, movie theater, etc this summer and I found it at Macy's! (I had been set on getting a Le Pliage but this was a steal! LOL)
It's a Harajuku Lovers mermaid bag and matching pouch. I love it. I love the colors, the light weight, the roominess, and my girls will love the mermaids. My son will simply suggest that the jelly fish are about to attack the mermaids, so he'll get some joy out of it too. :cool:
Best part: it was mistakenly put on a 40% off table, with a sign indicating an additional 20% off when you use you Macy's card. The SA honored the sign, and the total for both items with tax was $55!! The big bag was originally $78 and the small pouch was originally $28, so I scored!
I am excited; I can fit lots of Capri Sun and granola bars in here. :lol:


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