San Francisco Louis Vuitton

  1. Hi all

    I've not yet been to this store yet but wanted to throw the discussion out there. See the yelp link here:
    Its fun to read all the comments from different points of view...from the true LV aficionados to those who'd rather spend for the Chinatown knockoffs :crybaby:

    If you've shopped at the SF LV store, is it worth the trip? I've only shopped at the one in Palo Alto...
  2. The Union Square store is my regular store. It's fantastic, completely remodeled and beautiful. The staff is nice, also, especially the manager, Tim.
  3. I love the SF store but I don't shop there. I shop at Valley Fair.
  4. Yes it's worth the trip..I have bought all but one of my LV's from here..My SA Kelly Snyder is the BEST!! She will go in the back and get a fresh one w/ paper/plastic still on it if there is one:smile::smile: She is really sweet too!!
  5. it's the same as the Champs Elysees Paris store
  6. I like Tim -- he was a a dreamboat with me. The SAs were all busy and he basically helped me for a few minutes until an SA was available.
  7. they are very competitive @ the SF store. I have only purchased from there a few times before.
  8. I :heart: Union Square! Well, that's the only LV I go to 7 days a week. I've been to most of the ones in the Bay Area. Even one that was closed down in Walnut Creek. I have not been to one in Santana Row or Bloomingdales since it opened. Darn! I just moved! Think most of the older or longer term SAs are more helpful than some of the seasonal SAs. Guess the regular SF ppl here will have great advice for whom to choose as your SA anywhere in the Bay Area.
  9. i absolutely adore by SA, her name is Liz, but there are two Liz's? so if you ever go to the Sf store ask for Elizabeth. She is an absolutely doll and very patient! She really spends the time with you to make sure you are 100% satisfied; i once spent nearly an hour just trying to decide between two colors!!! (i am quite picky...hehe:graucho: )
  10. Ive been to the SF store once since its remodeling and though I didn't buy anything, the SAs seemed nice.

    The people at the Palo Alto store are very very friendly. I'm racking my brain for the SA that helped me last time but I can't remember for some odd reason. GRRR...
  11. ^ This very nice lady named Jeanne helped me at the PA store...does her name ring a bell?
  12. Thanks but no. It was a male SA. I think maybe 25-35 years old? He had brown hair if I remember correctly. It's driving me nuts I can't remember.
  13. I love the Union Square LV boutique they are very helpful..
  14. My SA at Union Square is named Liz, too, but her business cards say Liz, not Elizabeth, so maybe this is a different one.