San Francisco JC Cruise Party and Presale

  1. And so it begins....

    I just came back from the San Francisco Jimmy Choo. And the Cruise Party is here...REMEMBER IT'S A PRESALE for the December Sale too!!!!!!!

    Thursday, November 29 5-8 pm
    Cocktails to be Served

    San Francisco Boutique in Bloomingdales
    RSVP 415-856-5431

    All purchases will include complimentary shipping and gift wrap

    Hope all you Bay Area Choo Girls can make it. I know I'll be there with my Choos on! :p
  2. Did you see the patchwork python Radiant? It is calling to me. You are so lucky to live near a boutique. We are supposed to get one in Seattle some time in 2008.

    Did you get pre-sold on anything? Were there some good shoe deals?
  3. Oh, I think I might be able to make that! Thanks for the info Salerno182:heart:
  4. Thanks for posting - I just RSVP'd!
  5. Always happy to help out a fellow Choo lover. :flowers:

    My SA, Eric, said they won't know what goes on sale until a few days before presale. But he said he will try to let me know as soon as he can.

    And as soon as I know, I'll definitely make sure to pass along the good news. :graucho:
  6. Salerno - do you know when the sale actually starts:nuts:
  7. Oh wow, it's sale time again:wtf:?!
  8. ^ It IS sale time again and I still think you should consider the Ring! A bit smaller than the Ramona, a bit larger than the Riki, a great drop would love it! :heart: I think it's quietly become one of those staple bags for most of here, just about all of us seem to have it! :tup:
  9. ITA - you can even modify the strap to make it a crossbody, for those days when the arms are full of babies!
  10. I hope you girls have fun in SF. Or at your local boutiques. Too bad my wallet can't afford this. Make sure to post pictures so I can feel like I was part of the sale too. Maybe I should point my BF and parents in the JC boutique direction.