San Francisco Hermes Store

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  1. Any suggestions on a good SA in the SF store? I am interested in getting a birkin soon so I would like some suggestions on who I should work with. Been there a couple of times but none of the SA's I've been to have been very good. Also is the Hermes in Union Square our only Hermes store in the Bay Area?
  2. Yes on the second part of your question.......and as to the first part, well........that's a good question. :shrugs:

    (and I LIVE here.......)
  3. Hi Cawowyn,
    The SA I work with at the SF boutique is very very nice. Feel free to Private Message me and I would be more than happy to give you her name.

  4. I like my SA as if you care for a second suggestion. Just PM me as well.:yes:
  5. Would moving be too difficult?
    I'm just maximizing your Birkin-ability..
  6. I can give you a name or two as well. Feel free to PM me!

    HAHA TRL! It's true! If ya want the BEST chance of a great bag (or anything else!) ya have to MOVE...our H SUCKS!

    ...I still go tho...I have to!
  7. I just don't get why the SF Hermes is so bad.:wtf:

    It seems like there are a number of tpf members who shop there, so it's not like as if they don't have any business...
  8. I love my SA there as well so feel free to PM me too. :tup: I just wish they had more stock...*sigh*
  9. I have also made purchases at the San Francisco store and have an SA who will follow up on your "wish list" and call you when she has a lead. I believe it can be a bit more difficult to bet a Birkin through them as they have local clients who snap them up immediately. I had good luck purchasing my Kelly there though.
  10. Well, then I think it just must be me. And I don't consider myself difficult to get along with nor do I think I'm too demanding. I personally think the store needs to have some stock on the shelves (and I'm talking about everything and not just bags) and more informed SA's withOUT personalities that require that I take a crowbar to force some civility out of them.

    What I DO demand is a smile and some assitance with a pleasant attitude. That's just about it.

    Case in point. Went in the other day. Found a wallet I considered buying and asked for it to be held for a few problem. Called the SA that same day and left a voice message asking that he call me back (gave my cell # twice) with the actual name of the leather (he didn't know exactly what it was at the time and I want a leather with durability) and haven't heard back from him yet. This was two days ago.

    Another case in about calling to discuss a bag on hold for me with my SA only to have her hang up without even a goodby after I nicely pass on it. This was NOT a Birkin or a Kelly and it was held for me until I could get back to her....all of 1/2 day.

    Or, buying a scarf and feeling like I'm asking for too much when wanting to see more than one. Like it's a huge effort to take one out and open it up. I even help to fold them back!!!!

    Obviously, I'm still a little pissed off about the wallet. I wouldn't buy it now if he reduced the price and offered to drive it to my house......OR send Johnny Depp with it (sans shirt).

    If anyone there were to ask me why I've lately decided to reduced the amount I spend there, I would be happy to tell them. But I really think, they don't care!!!!
  11. Oh yeah, even though I love my SA I have a real problem with the store atmosphere in general. :yes: The majority either don't know what anything is (leathers, styles) or have major attitude.
    And after I dared complain to management after a particularly bad experience they laughed it off and then invited me to the preview of the sale (it was the next day) "which is for our better customers only but you could come this time." :cursing: Bleh, no thanks...
  12. ITA....the SF store is def. not what it could/should be.
  13. sa's like that makes me :mad: they mask their ignorance by being pretentious snobs....major liability for the house of H!

    they should go to the guilliotine :P lolz! jk! (i think i misspelled it:upsidedown:)
  14. A few weeks ago when I walked into the SF store. There was 3 SA standing behind the counter doing nothing and didn't even say "HI" or flash a smile. When I told one of the SA nicely that I needed to exchange a gift (scarf) she asked with an ATTITUDE if I had it in the original box and with tags on. I told her "of course it's all there and I shopped at H enough to know that." How can she think that I am not a regular H client to know that when I had a few H items on me inculding a birkin? I think she just wanted to give me a power trip.

    After I gave her a taste of her own medicine she started being all nice.

    p.s Shopmom it's not you. I've met you and you are such a woderful and kind person.
  15. Ouch! Those are some crap-tastic experiences a H! So far, I've had nothing but good times visiting that particular boutique...they just never have anything!

    I do agree that the lack of basic H knowledge is SHAMEFUL! It is rather shocking that the people SELLING the stuff don't know anything about it! And you can never get the same answers from mulitple SA's...crazy! I don't even ASK at the boutique. I get my info HERE and then tell the boutique what I want them to's easier that way.