San Francisco boutique shoppers ... read this!

  1. I went into the store to visit Roberto today and he is leaving! Saturday is his last day! :crybaby:

    BUT! His new job is just around the corner... at HERMES !! Congrats Roberto!
  2. Congrats Roberto!!!
  3. He called yesterday....Since I'm sure he's so depressed about it, I'll go buy one or two little things from him at H next week, just so he can feel good about himself :angel:

    and don't worry Jane, I'm not buying any of those heavy bags!
  4. Heheh, Roberto said he would send me a Hermes catalogue! I do love my high-end catalogues....

    I told him I would certainly visit him next time and have a look at a scarf.
  5. Well I finally have a good reason to go to the SF Hermes store!
  6. You should read my thread in the H sub-f. They need that guy over there to put a little life into the place. We went today and it wasn't nearly as fun as a BV visit.
  7. Roberto is a great SA - he helped me place an order at BV last year. Anyone knows if he is at hermes now? I'd like to place an order from him. He is my favorite SA ever!
  8. Yay Roberto! He should be having an 8 month anniversary right now.