San Francisco Bay Area

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  1. Oohhhh! I have that day off!! :nuts:
  2. aww have fun....i won't there until next month.
  3. You ladies in for something in the new year?
  4. Bringing this back! I'm in San Fran too. Brunch, anyone? :smile:
  5. ^^ Me! Me! :biggrin:
  6. i agree, this would be fun. i'm totally new to tpf, but i love meeting up with people!
  7. I posted a new thread and didn't notice this one! Would anyone be interested in meeting in sf this month/august?
  8. Hey girls,

    let's try to get some solid plans going .... I was thinking of a meet-up in SF sometime on August 20th? or Maybe the 27th if that works for all of you?
  9. Hey guys, so are we doing this still? :smile: