San Francisco Bay Area Purse Group

  1. Would any PF members who live in the SF Bay Area be interested in starting a purse group? We could meet every so often, and share our love of designer bags with each other! I think it would be a lot of fun. What do you think?? :biggrin:
  2. When we have the next Nor-Cal PF get together maybe this can be discussed. :smile:
  3. That sounds like fun! I think the next meeting will be in San Jose, at one of our purse forum member's lovely house then off to Santana Row/Valleyfair Mall!
  4. That sounds great pursemama! Let me know when that is, and I'll be there for sure!!
  5. We need to really get an date for this next one. I will set this up since I'm in SJ. Unfortunately, I don't think I can host it at home because I can't accomodate you all in our tiny townhouse. :biggrin: I would have loved the potluck that pursemama suggested. But I'll think of something. When do you guys want to meet up again?? July won't be good for me as I will be going on a 3 week vacation but anytime before or after that will be fine. :smile:
  6. Some time in August should be fine. I think a weekend would be best. What do you think??
  7. Yeah...August sounds good to me too!..I'll be out of town in July. Just a suggestion, there is also a Vietnamese restaurant across from Santana Row we can meet at too. The food is good, inexpensive and can accommodate a large group into one big table! OR we can go for one of the cafe type restaurants at Santana Row, the only problem with that is the group size, we might have to sit separate and that's no fun! So, as it gets into late June we'll gets things together and decide where we should meet. If anybody else has suggestions, please feel free to add your input. Pursegalsf did a excellent job getting us together, I don't know if she wants to do it takes alot of time and effort. I really enjoyed the meeting, I hope we can do it again!
  8. August SOunds good Pursemama, I'd love some vietnemese egg rolls and some pho. :lol:
  9. I'd be glad to do it again :yes: My birthday is on the first week of August :biggrin: I'll find out what dates in August are good for everyone.
  10. As soon as we can have a date and a rough estimate on how many people are going, it will be easier to find a place to go.

    Pursemama, what's the name of that Vietnamese place you are talking about? I was thinking about Maggiano's is we have a much bigger group than we had the last time (more than 20). They have banquet rooms that we can use. Sino would have been good too except that they only have dim sum during lunch hour. How about Straits?
  11. Sounds like fun! Any weekend is good for me. :biggrin:
  12. I'll send out evites this week so we can find out how many people could go.
  13. ^That's sweet of you Pursegal...Thanks to you and Pnay for organizing this, and everyone else for their suggestions...I'm looking forward to our next meeting!! :smile:
  14. please keep me posted.. i missed the first one since i was out of town but i'd love to join all of you!
  15. Oh I would love to go to! Please let me know - I would love to join in the fun!

    Maggianos or Straits sounds great - I love both places!