San Francisco/Bay Area MJ Lovers...

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  1. I'll be heading into your neck of the woods in September - I'm staying in San Francisco and Napa actually.
    Please tell me where I can go to find the best MJ deals (deals in general). I always see the "Bay Area" people LOL getting fantastic NMLC NR stuff.....where should I definitely go?
  2. i'll tell you if i see anything at a local NR. alright? and then you should runnnn there b/c it would be gone quick!
  3. NMLC at the Great Mall Outlet in Milpitas (about 1 hr south of SF). There's a Off 5th right near it that carries MJ bags as well. ;)
  4. There's a NR in San Leandro. Th last time i was there the store was a mess!
  5. the NR in sj on saratoga is better. there is one in SF on bryant st. too
  6. Seems like good idea to watch the general "off 5th, NR, NMLC" comments discussing merchandise in sale sightings too, because I've hit all these places (except NMLC in Milpitas) mentioned with no MJs in sight! - But when there is something released, then they will have a few at each store.
  7. There's also a NR in Colma, about 15 minutes drive outside of SF. I saw multiple berry MP and Venetias a few weeks ago.