San Francisco Balenciaga-ites! Meetup?

  1. Any other SF/Bay area bbag ladies want to meet for coffee or lunch?
    I don't know very many people in the city and would love to meet up with you ladies! :upsidedown:
  2. I would love to meet up with our SF bbag gals!!

    I need to come to SF in the next week or 2...don't know if that gives us enough time to plan.
  3. I'll be around after the 8th!
  4. i would love to...
    the last meetup was so much fun...
    things are going to be crazy for me until the 12th though...
    i'm moving and in a wedding...
  5. Maybe this time I can make it, eh eh eh?
  6. Oh, I would love to see you all, too! I missed the last one, but I vowed to make it to the next meet. :yes: Are we aiming for mid- to late October??
  7. I would make myself available too...let me know the dates...
  8. I would love to meet up as well. dates?
  9. How about late October? I'll be out of town the weekend of the 12th but can do any weekend thereafter. How about the weekend of October 20th or 27th? Let me know what works best.

    Also, do you guys have any suggestions for lunch spots?
  10. I think those weekends work for me too, provided I'm not too lazy to drive up to the city. :shame:
  11. Both the 20th and 27th work great for me. Lunch at Cheese Cake Factory?
  12. Cheese Cake Factory works for me :smile:
  13. Awesome lunch and some shopping, I can't wait.
  14. i was unable to attend the last meetup, but i may be able to make it to this one.
  15. either one of those days works for me too...