San Francisco and Australia!

  1. Tomorrow I leave for San Francisco. My flight arrives at 3:40pm (Oakland airport). I am staying in a hotel near Union Square overnight and then flying to Sydney the night of the 4th. I am staying in Sydeney one night. After Sydney, I will be in Canberra doing a study abroad. We have three-day weekends, so I should be able to take side trips. So does anyone who lives in San Francisco or Australia have any words of advice or travel tips? I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
  2. It's going to be a little bit of a drive to get from the Oakland Airport to Union Square in San Francisco. Do not rent a car -- take a shuttle bus. The parking at the hotels will be more expensive than taking a shuttle. Are you flying out of Oakland or San Francisco? Make sure you leave enough time, traffic can be rough getting across the bridge.

    What hotel will you be staying at in Union Square?
  3. Thanks, Lori. I do plan on taking a shuttle from Oakland to SF. My flight to Australia is out of SFO, and I also plan to take a shuttle for that flight. I happened to have a free Southwest ticket, so that's the only reason I am flying into Oakland in the first place. I am staying at The Mosser. It is inexpensive, but had great reviews on all the travel sites. It is on 4th St. between Market and Mission. It seems like there is excellent shopping in the area. So who's having the best sales right now? :graucho: Thanks for your help!