San Diego: Where to get Jean Alterations?

  1. I recently bought some jeans at off Saks and don't know where to get them altered. Does anyone know a good place? please include prices. Thanks. :smile:
  2. I'm hoping someone out there has suggestions. Anyone?
  3. I get mine done at a place near my house (not *all* that far from you, if you'd like to know where, PM me, I don't want to post my area on here). They only charge $8 (I think, I haven't gotten any done for awhile), and they'll recreate the original hem nicely for you. Also, there's a place near Mesa College in Kearny Mesa in the KB books shopping center, I think they charge about the same price; I haven't had any done there but a friend has and she liked how they turned out.
  4. I usually take hem jobs to my local dry cleaner.