San Diego TPFers!

  1. The Shoo will be at the Casbah tonight watching DH play with some friends. If anyone is interested in coming down PM me!
  2. I should give you guys a heads up about what kind of music it is, no? He's playing with some friends of ours, Gram Rabbit. Here is a link to the video - so if you are in SD and wanna come see the show I will be in LA till about 4pm.....
  3. I think the video must've scared everyone away! :lol: thats okay. its not everyones cup o was a great show!
  4. It's not working :shrugs:
  5. oh no. are you clicking on the link or just cutting and pasting it?

    if you just go to the YouTube music videos and type in american hookers - gram rabbit in the search box, it should come up.....:yes: