San Diego TPF Meet Please Read

  1. Hope everyone gets some good deals today! I'm heading off to carlsbad actually to the outlets HAHA with fellow tpfer sem - at least there are no bags there HAHA so I wont break my temporary ban!
  2. Thanks so much!!! See you soon...:supacool:

  3. Is Sem going to our meet? Hey, let me know when you guys are going back up to the Carlsbad outlets or down to the San Ysidro ones. I have been wanting to go to both of them, but again, none of my SD GFs are into shopping (isn't that the weirdest thing in the world!!) My shopping buddies all moved to Sacramento, San Jose, Boise, and Denver :crybaby:So I need new ones!!!

  4. Sem is still not sure if she can make it :smile:
    The outlets were ok crowded not extremely haha but I think I have to be on a shopping ban for a while - spent a bunch at lacoste (mostly gifts though!) haah and on some little jewellery adds up!! oh no...for sure no more Chanel for a while..hahah sigh

    how was Fashion Valley?

    sure, lets go next time - let me recuperate a little first HAHA
  5. Bri, I'm in the same boat! My friends either don't like the same places I do or are working when I am off. SO would rather committ suicide, lol!

    Minami, great job scoring at LaCoste, love that store. I've been meaning to go to the Cole Haan store at that outlet!
  6. ^^ thanks chocograce!

    I was a little disappointed in the stock they had at cole haan today though! was hoping to get a pair of nike air heels haha but they didnt have any nice ones in my size..hehe
  7. Hey girl :heart: So I just got back from Fashion Valley and boy was it busy there today :sweatdrop:. I spent so much time at Nordies and Neimans that I didn't have time to go to all the stores planned. I got some really cute tops for work at Nordies as they are having a designer clearance sale :tup:. So scored some great deals!! They were all marked down 40%.

    As for Neimans, I checked out all the Chanel stock they had in anticipation for our meet. They have quite a bit of nice bags there right now :yes:. The fall collection is going to come in late August/early September. They have quite a big stock of flaps though, especially patent. Also some stuff from Cruise and Prefall. I put myself on the waitlist for the Fall 08 Purple jumbo. They had so many nice bags though!!! It took all my strength to wait :graucho:. I don't want to get one until the meet or until Fall, not sure yet. Still got my eyes out on eBay too since I don't like the new caviar, it is too dull looking for me. I like the old shiny style caviar better.

    Oh, and if you need anything from Bath and Body Works, they are practically giving it away. Everything is 50-75% off. I got 4 hand lotions for $20. It is crazy. Didn't see anything at Bloomies but then again that was the last store I went to so my feet were done. Maybe I'll find something there at the meet. I didn't buy as much today as planned so still have some room for the meet :supacool:!!!

  8. Well let me know if you are ever looking for a shopping buddy :yes:. I am at Fashion Valley almost every Saturday. Like Pikeeygirl said, I should get a job there. All of my friends think I am crazy for liking the nicer stores and/or designer stuff. So needless to say, I shop alone now that my stylish friends have all moved. We do get to share stories though over the phone, but it isn't the same as the good old days when we would shop till we dropped!!! My current SD friends that are left think I am nuts :shrugs: that's why I love tpf. We all have great style and taste :okay:.

  9. Bri 333- I will sacrafice and be your shopping buddy. I am in the same boat. Friends like different stuff and husband can not take it anymore. I am trying to be good as there is an Hermes store opening at Fashion Valley and I am planning on befriending the SA's so I am offered a Birkin...need to save funds!
  10. ^LOL, my plan exactly! Cannot wait for the Hermes store! The SM at SCP H expects the SD opening to be around November..booo!

    And thanks for posting the SCP sale info in the H forum, by the way. Are you going? There will be an SCP H meet on the 19th!

  11. That's why I wanted to go! LOL, I keep visiting the Glass Slipper forum and hear such great things about it. I'm bad enough at walking in heels as it is, so I need all the help I can get!

  12. That is good to know! I've shied from FV recently as our weather has been killer!:sweatdrop:
  13. I know, I have been seeing the coming soon signs. We'll definitely have to go and check it out. Ok, so you have to teach me, what is a Birkin? Is that a ligne from Hermes? I don't know anything about them other than they are more expensive than Chanel.

  14. Wow November, that is still far away :sad:. BTW, Beljwl is having a Chanel TPF meet on August 2nd at SCP. I wasn't sure that anyone from down here was going with the gas prices and all which is why Minami and I decided to throw one ourselves down here. Let me know though if any of you plan on going.

  15. They are quite comfortable. I have a pair from Nordies that have really high heels and can walk on them fine. People at work are amazed that I can walk normally in such high heels, it is because of the Nike air thingy in the shoe :graucho:.