San Diego TPF Meet Please Read

  1. Minami and I are planning a San Diego TFP meet at Fashion Valley Mall :smile:. We are thinking of meeting at 1pm at Cheesecake Factory for lunch and then an afternoon of shopping. Of course, if you are on a ban, please still come and window shop with us. We are thinking of Saturday July 26th or Saturday August 2nd. Please PM me if you can make it on either of these dates. We look foward to meeting as many tpfers as possible :supacool:! Everyone is invited.
  2. wow Sabrina, ur truly efficient! heheh thanks for starting the thread ;)
  3. Thank you for starting this thread! I just might be able to make it! :yahoo:
  4. Girl, I want to make this happen. I also do party planning on the side of my regular job :graucho: I'll keep you posted on who can go on what date. Maybe we can have 2 TPF meets, although I don't know if my wallet can handle it :roflmfao:

  5. Let me know if you can make it on either of those dates!! We would love to have you join us :heart::heart::heart:

  6. bri, ur too funny and cute! and TNCOGIRL, hope u can make it too - I think I'm going to be window shopping only esp if you're talking about bags.. haha
  7. I will check to see if anything is going on either of those days and let you know! lol yeah I think I'll be window shopping too...but then again there is a Tiffany's there! haha I'm in trouble!
  8. TNCOGirl: I'm not sure if you have ever been to this mall, but there is Tiffany's, Saks, NM, Bloomies, Jimmy Choo, and so on .... I will probably be window shopping too unless a great pair of shoes calls out to me!!! Or fragrance, or something.
  9. No, I've never been! I've been wanting to go for the longest time but just haven't made it down there. I'm just about two hours away so it's definitely not a place to get up and go have to plan it out! lol. Oh I'm sure there will be plenty of things that will call out to us! :yes:
  10. I just want to tell anyone who is not sure about going. GO GO GO GO GO!!!!! TPF meets are so much fun!!!!!! I am planning one at SCP next month. If SD was closer (and gas was not so damn expensive) I would so be there.

    Have a blast!!!! Can't wait to hear about it.
  11. I know gas prices are terrible right now. Those damn gas prices!! Hopefully we will get a good turnout. If not, I will have to go to yours at the So Cal Mothership :graucho:

  12. :wlae:Bump!!:wlae:
  13. oh no i was just San Diego this last week!! We just got home today, and i went to fashion valley loads!!! Oh such a shame im gonna miss it, have fun ladies!!!
  14. ooohhhhhhhh
    I don't think I'm gonna make it to either dates. The 26th is a possibility but I'll know for sure as it gets closer.
  15. I live in Santa Monica but maybe a weekend in San diego with fellow TPFers would be great. Aug is better for me.