San Diego tPF Get-Together

  1. Any one in San Diego, that would like to meet up for lunch and shopping?:idea:
  2. Hi there,

    I'm in SD too =) When are you planning this?
  3. Im thinking maybe the first week of December? Im also open to any suggestions any one might have, whatever works for everyone.
  4. I'd be interested ;) . Next week works as well for me too, whatever works if I'm in town.
  5. I've been waiting for a San Diego meeting!!
    I would love to come.
  6. Wow finally to san diego? Yes!
  7. I would be interested too..
  8. I'm interested too! The Chanel Resort Line is supposed to get to the NM that week! :devil: :happydance: :yahoo:
  9. I suppose it will be planned for a weekend? =)
  10. So who is going to the opening of Bloomingdales tomorrow? :yahoo:
  11. ^ is it tomorrow?? is there anything special that I should know??
  12. Please PM me with any idea's you might have for the meet.
    I never knew organizing something like this was so difficult, if anyone wants to help me organize this I would greatly appreciate it.:shame:
  13. Thanks Nina for agreeing to help me with this. :heart:
  14. Bagsnbags pm me your email address and I'll forward you the invite for the preview day which is on the 17th, you also get 15% off on purchases made that day. *

    *with some exclusions ofcourse!.
  15. San Diego! That sounds fun!! I thought they were going to make a sticky for LA but I haven't seen it yet. Welcome back cindylicious.. how was Japan?