San Diego tips?

  1. My boyfriend and I are going to San Diego for Labor Day weekend. We're definitely going to hit the Coronado island, the zoo, a Padres game, In n Out, and Fatburger. Looking for some tips on good fish tacos, other things to do/sights to see, and ideas for unique edibles to bring home to my family. We are still searching for a vacation rental too so if there are any San Diegans on the board w/the inside tips, I'd be so grateful!
  2. I actually think the Wild Animal Park is a better bet than the zoo... you can go on a tram and see the animals in natural environment, rather than caged and sleeping as they are most of the time at the zoo. It's more in Escondido, but worth the drive... Also, Sea World! Sea World has such neat shows, and lots of fun stuff.
    As for vacation rental... not sure if you're into hotels, but the Bahia Resort is nice... not too expensive. And you even get your own little ocean front cabana for a sort of private beach thing... I stayed there a couple years ago, I thought it was lots of fun... don't know how it is now? But you should look it up...
  3. I agree that the Wild Animal Park is a bit more fun than the Zoo. BUT if you're wanting to stay in the downtown area, then go for the Zoo.

    I think that South Beach Bar & Grillle in Ocean Beach has the BEST fish tacos. Their address is 5059 Newport Ave in San Diego. Also in the Ocean Beach area is Hodad's. They're famous for their burgers. I haven't tried them, but people say they're the best in SD. They're located on 5010 Newport Ave.

    If you're wanting a more "natural" views, I highly recommend Cabrillo National Monument. The views are phenomenal and there's a little paved trail that has great views.

    If you're looking to do some shopping, the Fashion Valley Mall is the best in SD--it's got NM, Saks, Bloomies, Nordy's and a JC Penney. Then there are boutiques like LV, Burberry, Max Mara but stores like the Gap, Old Navy, Sephora.

    Not so sure what to recommend for "unique" edibles... There's a dessert place called Extraordinary Desserts that a lot of people love in SD. They've got two locations. They also sell unique teas, jams, etc. You can check out there site:

    Since you're coming out Labor Day weekend, I'd find a place to stay ASAP. SD's a very popular destination for that weekend. If you've got any more questions, feel free to PM me or post it here!
  4. Don't miss Old Town! There's a great Mexican restaurant there called Casa de Bandini. They have strolling mariachi players and a lovely outdoor patio. For shopping Horton Plaza is intersting--it's downtown--and it's also close to the Gaslight District which has a lot of cool restaurants and bars.

    I am soooo jealous! I really miss San Diego!!!! Have an awesome time!
  5. I agree with going to Cabrillo, it's gorgeous there! I think Rubio's has yummy fish tacos too - they used to sell them for $1 every Tuesday. And their shrimp burrito is my ultimate fave!!! Also, SD has the best carne asada fries IMO. Try the Sombrero drive through windows! :drool:
  6. Ooh Rubios is YUMMY.
    And I tend to like the zoo better, the area the wild animal park is in gets deathly hot, especially in the summer time. I'd stick to areas that are closer to the water like Seaport Village (very cute!), maybe check out Horton Plaza mall and Fashion Valley Mall as well. Also, Old Town is really quaint and for Mexican food, I really love The Old Town Mexican Cafe.
  7. The Gaslamp ;)
  8. Thank you my dear! You see? I really neeeeeed to get back to SD!!!!

  9. LOL! in n out??? u are coming to san diego, for that? .. haha kidding! [ i don't eat hamburger .. so that's why i;m saying that! ] .. as for fish tacos .. RUBIOS is yummy! .. WAHOOS is yummy, as well! there is one off of sports arena blvd! .. seriously san diego has the BEST mexican food EVER .. so you're going to find a great fish taco [ pretty much ] whatever mex food place u go! [[ MIGUELS in point loma is my FAV, though!!! ]

    .. sea world is FUN! .. old town .. gaslamp! .. after the padres game .. go to gaslamp & party it up! lots and lots of great clubs/bars!

    LIPS is fabulous! .. it's a dinner show where guys dress up as girls and sing and dance .. and totally harrass the guests! it's SOOOO much fun! [ but your bf might not wanna go! ] .. but it's [ i think ] the ONLY 1 in the world .. and it's SOOOOOO much fun! haha!

    have a blast in sd! it's FABULOUS here! you guys will love it! =)
  10. No problem! And yes, you should!!! :tup:
  11. my lil sis live in SD and i :heart: visiting her. for fish tacos, try:

    Point Loma Seafoods
    2805 Emerson St.
    San Diego, CA 92106

    you NEED to go the beaches there. try La Jolla Shores and Pacific Beach has a really cute and lively beach town.

    If you have time, also try to go to Balboa Park. It's beautiful there as well.

    Hope you have a wonderful trip!:heart:
  12. Hehe Yes, we want to compare in n out and fatburger! I have had both, and he hasn't had either. (He is from the East.)
  13. LOVE San Diego! Here are a few musts:

    -Sunday Brunch at Hotel Del Coronado (where SO proposed to me! xoxo)
    -Fashion Valley Mall
    -Go up North a teeny bit and visit La Jolla
  14. Ladies thanks for the tips I'm going to san diego in a couple of weeks and I was not sure about what to do while there. I plan on checking out most of the places that have been mentioned.
  15. If you go to Point Loma(very close to SeaWorld) & like barbecued ribs you should definitely check out

    Phil's BBQ
    3750 Sports Arena Blvd.
    San Diego, CA 92110 (619) 226-6333

    The line is usually out the door. So the best thing to do is to call first & order. Usually a twenty minute wait. Then get there ten minutes ahead of time and find a place to sit.
    There is a separate line for phoned in orders.

    This is a link to the menu if you're interested... (prices are probably higher though)'s_bbq_menu.html

    You should get Gorden Biersch garlic fries at Petco Park if you don't mind the garlic breath. mmmm.