SAN DIEGO - NM Trunk Show Feb 11th Wednesday

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  1. The San Diego Neiman Marcus CHANEL SS2009 trunk show will be on Wednesday February 11th from about 11 am to 3 pm.

    I thought it would be fun to get the San Diego PF'ers together for the trunk show. Mariela (the Chanel specialist) says if there is enough interest she can talk the Chanel representative into giving us a special presentation of the SS09 collection, and maybe something else special for the group (don't expect much).

    All PF'ers who can come are welcome.

    What do you say ladies / gentlemen?

    Who wants to go?
  2. Me!! :nuts: Kidding of course, but I hope you guys have lots of fun. Don't forget to take pics!
  3. ^^LOL! Come on Nathalie, you can stay with me if you come to So. Cal.
  4. Mon, you're too sweet. Don't tempt me, don't tempt me! :sweatdrop:
  5. I will be there. Am getting ready to send the pm's on my list for the San Diego TPF Meets. We haven't had one since September so it's about that time ladies...
  6. Thanks Sabrina. Let's see if we can get a nice size group to go.
  7. Thank you for the info Mon! I will try my best to be there! It would be really fun. :tup:
  8. I can't make it unless I call in sick from work. :sad:
  9. ^^I might actually take the day off, I have a lot of vacation time accrued. Maybe I can have another "me day" on that day.
  10. Awesome! Can you PM me or Bri333 as we're trying to compile a list.
  11. Mon, Bri already PMed me and I replied to her! :P
    Thank you!
  12. have fun u ladies! I will be flying into LAX that morning will be too tired to go! take lots of pics!! :smile:
  13. Oh, that's too bad. I will definitely take lots of pictures.
  14. Hi, I'm new to Chanel and I think I want to come. What do they usually have/do at trunk shows haha I'm a such a newbie. Can I just go or do I have to be on a list or something?
  15. ^^Just show up. :tup: