San Diego Comic-Con 2007 (Please don't dig up older threads)

  1. Created a new thread so info could be smooshied together

    = Preview Night =

    Hiya Ladies... if you don't already know Maijagj was kind enough to offer to get us into the hall early on Wednesday. She just needs to know what time we're planning on being there around and a list of which TPF members are going.

    Please pm/email me with your Name (possibly full if you don't mind so we can tell from badges), how many are in your party (I don't know if this matters), email address, and telephone number (in case we need to call and see where you're at).

    So far I know the other following people but I'd still like some contact info so we can identify people we haven't seen often :smile:

    My email is my username @ gmail so if you're planning on going wednesday I want to hopefully get a list compiled by Monday but the latest being Tuesday at 12 PM PST but that's kind of pushing it since preview night is Wednesday.

    Also if anyone wanted to prepare badges/name tags/pins/etc for the TPF members feel free to do so :smile: we'll be meeting up hopefully sometime planned? lol That idea is still up in the air as to the who what and where

    = Tokidoki Booth Location =
    It's located in the Toy Growers Cultyard this year, Booth # 4831

    = Official Listed Signings (Subject to change) =
    Thursday 12-1 pm at the StrangeCo booth # 4729
    Friday 3pm at the Toy2R booth #4151
    He'll also be at his booth periodically throughout the show... but he never listed any times yet

    = Important Info to Remember about SDCC =
    • This year SDCC sold out of 4 day passes and offered 3 day passes w/ preview night access. It may be more crowded than in the past years so get there early; rumor also has it that Saturday sold out as well
    • Badge pick-up does not begin until 3 pm so expect to be waiting since I do think this is also later than before but I'm not sure
    • If you want good parking it's important to get there early
    • Bring lots of cash but guard it well. A lot of the booths accept cash only so if all you have are cards then expect to be standing in long lines at the ATMs trying to get cash. or hope that the booth you're going to accepts credit cards
  2. I will do the badges for everyone if we can decide on the design and if we want to put our tpf names on them or not.

    Any other characters for badges please let me know and I will see what I can do.

    Any other suggestions?

    I will print the badges up and put them in a collector card plastic holder (the soft kind- because that is what I have around the house). I will put 2 holes at the top and attach ribbon/string so we can attach it to our Comic Con badges.

    But I will need to know what design we want:yes:
    I printed an example of each of the example below. The watermelon devil showed up the best at a distance but I also liked the surfing Adios.

    You can either just let me know on the forum that you want a badge with your user name or not.
    Comic Con tpf.jpg Comic Con tpf watermelon.jpg Comic Con tpf-surfing no background.jpg
  3. wawahki, those are super cute!! i'm excited to go oh man it's next week hehehe!

    and thanks, tehlilone for getting everything together!

    EDIT: maybe we could meet up thursday and hope it won't be TOO crowded?? or should we just meet at preview night?
  4. So Simone wont be there signing on SATURDAY or SUNDAY?
  5. Simone said that he will be at Comic-Con all day every day, so I'm sure he'll be available to sign things. The times posted above are times when he is scheduled to sign things at other booths (not the tokidoki booth).
  6. It's awesome of you to do this for everyone! I'd like the surfing Adios, and you can put "Eejit" on it. Thank you so much!!!
  7. wawakhi: those badges are cute.

    DH and I are only going for Friday. This will be my first time at the comic-con, so I wanted to see how I like it. I am just don't really like it when it's too crowded. So if it's not too bad, I will do the four days next year. You girls have fun preview night.
  8. qtiekiki
    Do you want a badge?
    So far I have 1 vote for surfing Adio.
  9. i vote surfing adio too! hehe
  10. Saturday is sold out.

    Jenn, i'll PM ya..
  11. lol sorry but I can't help but ask since I've seen this in a few threads: how come instead of calling him Adios ... some people call him "Adio"?

    just really curious .. :sweatdrop:
  12. oh i never caught that really? i call him adios..
    Adio? lol.. i'll keep an eye out on that one! lol
  13. Any ideas on time and place to meet up on wednesday? Maybe around 4:30 maybe 5 pm in front of the doors glass after you get through registration onto the other side of Sails Pavillion? I'll be wearing a red "Hello, My Name is" hat that'll have a sticker (hopefully) that says tehlilone in the space below :smile: or I'll write it I haven't decided yet lol I'll post pics tomorrow so you know who to look for

    And I like the watermelon demon :smile:

    and I'm going to close the list tonight (11:59 PM PST) Just so I can email them and people have a heads up.

    Did everyone want a copy of the list or should I just email them to wawahki and Maijagj?
  14. Oh and here's who is on the list so far... let me know if there are any changes...

    aribobarixxx + 1
    Eejit + 1
    leen619 + 3 (you said five but only gave me 4 names?)
    Pochacco10 +1
    Seatokilover (husband might be going in her place)
    Wawahki +1
  15. I know the area you're talking about that's on the other side of the glass doors. Hopefully i find you or someone.. =). Did you get my PM? I also sent an email to Maijagj before i caught this post.

    Sure, can you cc me on the list?
    Thanks again Jenn :p