San Diego Chanel robbed...

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  1. Hi all, not a usual topic, but my sister (who is traveling in San Diego) just told me that she witnessed a Chanel robbery! It was at the Fashion Valley Neiman's, just before closing time. She saw three males run out of Chanel carrying a bunch of handbags, with a SA screaming after them...
    And my first reaction upon hearing this was -- "Hmm, I wonder which bag styles they grabbed..." :P
    Hope the robbers were apprehended!!
  2. That's crazy!!!
  3. OK so thinking about this more... this totally sucks, for the obv. reasons. But also... now the SA's will be more apprehensive about opening the closet of bags.

    Hope they get caught... scum.
  4. Just recently the Barneys in Chicago was robbed of a number of designer bags. This is really getting out of hand.
  5. I wish Chanel would post the authentication numbers stolen bags, can you imagine if they popped up on Ebay? Not saying that is enough to prosecute, but it could help lead to the perps!
  6. The SA should have called the cops first instead of chasing after robbers!
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  7. +1 you never know what kinds of weapons are on them and how dangerous they can be
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  8. All our Chanel stores have security guards… where there none at this store?
  9. Oh no! That is my NM. How sad. I hope they are caught on camera.
  10. Omg are you serious ?!?! I shop at that boutique , I was just there on Saturday. I'm wondering if my sa was the one screaming after them. Smh, what a shame .
  11. Oh wow, those robbers were bold! But with all the crazy things going on in the world lately, it's a blessing that only bags were lost.
  12. This is terrible. Hopefully, no one got hurt.