San Antonio!

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  1. I'm going to San Antonio next week for work. I don't know if I will have a rental car. I'm staying in Riverwalk. Besides the Alamo and Riverwalk itself, what is there to see?

    Tex Mex is one of my favorite kinds of food. Can anyone recommend a great, non touristy place to try real Tex Mex? Also, what are some other great places to eat? They don't have to be Tex Mex.
  2. You MUST eat at Mi Tierre in the mercado. It's within walking distance of the riverwalk area. If you like margaritas, go for their specialty margarita. If you don't tolerate alcohol well, don't get the large! And don't forget to visit the pastry counter. You'll know what I mean the second you walk in the door. There are quite a few tourists that go there because of the location, but the food is sooooo worth it.

    Just walking around downtown is fun. Lots of old buildings to look at.
  3. Dolores del Rio has good Italian food on the Riverwalk. You can also go and visit the Missions which are located in the southern part of town.

    Other good restaruants:
    Little Rhein Steakhouse
    Biga on the Banks
  4. Oh I went to San Antonio in October, and loved it. I tried Mi Tierra, food is not the best but good. I also went to this great steakhouse not on the riverwalk, but near. Oh you are going to love it.
  5. There is a Morton's Steakhouse downtown and a Ruth's Chris nearby.
  6. We stayed at the Riverwalk area for a couple of days, just wandering around having fun, but after that it got tedious. We had lots of fun at Sea World and Six Flags, but we had young kids with us... might not be your cup of tea. :P And since I'm a shopaholic, the outlets at San Marcos were fun. It's only about 30-45 min away from SA.
  7. I lived in San Antonio for two years - if you want to venture outside the downtown area, my two favorite tex-mex places are Paloma Blanca and Cielito Lindo. Paloma Blanca is in the Alamo Heights area, about 10-15 minutes from downtown, and Cielito Lindo is in Stone Oak, about 30 minutes away. Have a great time!
  8. I live in San Antonio. I don't venture downtown very much so I can't help with the restraunts down there sorry. But I do know of a couple great places on the northeast part of town up I-35. If you are able to get a rental car there is a great place to eat called Mama's Cafe off 35 and Pat Booker Rd.
    A little futher up the road is New Braunfels and it is a great place to visit. They have lots of great restraunts and shops in a place called Gruene. Texas has it's oldest dance hall in Gruene. The Gristmill is a favorite of mine in Gruene as is Montana Mike's in New Braunfels.
    The outlet malls in San Marcos are the best for shopping. They have Tanger and Prime outlet in the same spot and a great place to get food across the street at Centerpoint station.
    Off I-35 and 3009 is the Wild life Park and Natural Bridge Caverns.
  9. There is another thread on San Antonio if you do a search w/ good info. ETA: here it is-

    Go to the missions- not just the Alamo- for sure. Beautiful and really peaceful- here are a few pictures I snapped when I went.



    For food, I was not impressed w/ Mi Tierra. I ended up at a place in the Market Square that was kind of across the street, but I can't think of the name at this moment.

    Acenar on the Riverwalk was really good:

    Rudy's and County Line (I think that is the right name) were great for BBQ.

    There is a little shopping area in the downtown called La Villita that was kind of quiet, but had some nice artsy kind of stores. I found some pretty handmade turquoise jewelry at one of the shops there. El Mercado is okay for shopping too, but not quite what I expected. I loved San Antonio and put it on my short list of places I'd consider relocating to!
  10. Elizat - beautiful pics of the missions! I have to agree about Mi Tierra. Not the best, IMO.

    Totally agree about County Line and Rudy's!
    As far as the Riverwalk, you can always wander around and then go to Morton's for some steak and my DH says the Little Rhein is excellent and is in the La Villita area.
    Dirty Nelly's for drinks and some fun.
  11. County Line for sure!!! The one on the riverwalk is really nice! The Landing is also a cool place to go on the riverwalk. If you get a rental car, my favorite mexican food place in SA is not far from downtown on Broadway is called Tomatillos.
    As far as bars go, Dirty Nelly's on the riverwalk is fun and so is Howl at the Moon.

    Have fun!!
  12. Rudy's has the BEST BBQ - i miss it!!!!

    we had a great dinner at Landry's Seafood House (get the seafood topping on the baked potato - OMG!)

    i also recommend visiting Greune and the gristmill. awesome little town! the outlets at san marcos are also worth the drive. ;)
  13. Definately go to the missions!! I would say that I prefer them to the Alamo even! If you like waterparks (I do! I am a big kid at heart), probably the best one in the country is Schlitterbahn, which is about 30-40 min outside of San Antonio (If I remember correctly :thinking:).