San Antonio Meet!?

  1. Do we have any love for LV in SA?
  2. I see Gucci bags everywhere and used to be such a Gucci devotee but recently switched to LV because of the many classic looks they offer. I've seen a few very nice LVs in town now that I'm watching for them! It would be great to meet others from SA that are on this blog. We'll see what develops.

    I'll try to make it to Houston; not that far from SA.

    I'm making a trip in March to have crawfish at the Hong Kong City Mall; wish it was at the same time!

    Thanks for the Houston link.
  3. me me me me! I'm in SA too :yes: please save me a spot!
  4. think LV Diva is in SA too, will send her a pm about this thread :yes:
  5. *YaY* Finally an SA Meet .... :wlae:

    I would LOVE to go. Thanks for the PM Classic Chic.

    I also sent a PM to luvpurses24 as she is from San Antonio too.

    Has anybody thrown out any dates yet? .... Or which LV we would like to meet at?
  6. no problem LV Diva! I really want to go the Houston meet in Galleria, but 02/7/08 is Chinese New Year, with all the special days/activities requirements my grandma enjoys, there's no way I can be Galleria next day. hehe.

    I'm down w/any Austin or SA LV, except LV @ NM La Cantera, many bad experiences :crybaby: I vote Saks LV!
  7. Wow, how exciting Classic Chic .... *Happy New Year* :balloon:

    I know .... I really wanted to go to the Houston meet as well because I've never been there but the only day I am avaliable that week is Sunday due to work and college courses. *sigh* Maybe the next Houston meet.

    Oh my gosh, I too had a bad experience at NM. It seems like they are not knowledgeable of what they are seling or something. Love Frankie though, he is super sweet.

    Anywho, I agree with you. I'd love to go to the LV at Saks too. :yes: Kevin and Kim are my favorite SAs there.

    Tommi: What are your thoughts on which LV you would like to go to?
  8. Thank you LV Diva~:cutesy:

    to give you an idea of how bad NM and I don't mature SA refer Mono/Damier as Logos/Checker Boards even when the client use the correct term when asking to see the bag! Even BF were in awe lol.
  9. OT for Tommi~
    hope you don't mind me browsing your dd's blog, she is too cute! Guess what? Her and I have the same birthday! Except I've celebrated mine like 20x more than she :lol:
  10. Thanks for including me LV Diva! I'd be happy to come along if I possibly can. During the week is too hard for me to make it to Houston. I really can't take many more days off work right now until school is almost over. It's TAKS season (standardized tests for the kiddoes).

    I also prefer the Saks LV! Kimmie has helped a lot. She's super sweet!

    I'm good for either a local trip or Austin. I also love the Neiman Marcus Last Call there. :graucho:
  11. i'd go, if by chance i'm in town. DH is from there and we often go to visit. of course every time i go i have to drop by the north star mall Saks. i bought my pomme Ludlow there. yeah, i agree Kevin is great.
  12. YEAH! I'm sooo excited! I LOVE Saks @ Northstar Mall; Kevin & Casey are my favorites!

    Okay, let's start throwing dates out there. What do you think of doing it the first Saturday in March? March 1st?

    If anyone would like to help me make it special please send me a PM and we can't start our planning!

    Woo Hoo!

    Classic Chic - You are Flag Day baby as well! That's awesome. The only rule to visiting my DD's website is you have to sign the guest book! :okay:

    Okay, the plan is officially in the works.
  13. I'm in SA too - would love to come meet ya'll!
  14. Tommi~ Yes ma'am! Singing in!
    juniormint~:yahoo: horray for another SA PFer!

    Not sure what's everyone's schedule like, but here's mine:

    Advance Notice of Final Date: 1 or 2 wk in advance is enough for me if date set on Sun/Mon.

    Availability: Sun/Mon all day, Tue~Thur morning (I work evenings to night)

    Day/Night: same as above

    Location: LV@ Saks, SA .....Austin boutique is ok (thinking about Ikea & Burberry outlet @ round rock :graucho: & Hello~San Marcos Prime Outlets :lol:)

    Activities: If in SA~LV @ Saks & may be some Cheesecake Factory chat?
    If in Austin~I'll let the locals leads us :flowers: