Tech Samsung Captivate vs. iphone 4 ?

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  1. It's time to upgrade. Right now I have the iphone 3g, and I'm looking into the iphone 4 or the Samsung Captivate. I havent really had any problems with the iphone 3g, it's just that really if I'm getting a new phone I don't want to feel like I'm getting the same thing, and I'm kind of bored with iphone to be honest. I've heard reviews saying that Captivate has slow gps, and gps works really well on the 3g (It works where my car gps fails). I've also read the Android is more easily customized than iphone but harder to learn. I'm really undecided here but leaning a little toward the Captivate. Does anyone have it and how do you like it?
  2. Both Android & iPhones are good. But I don't see how someone could be bored of iPhone?! I mean, there's sooooooooo many applications on it!! Android is picking up on applications rather quickly also, but I left my Android for iPhone 4 and totally love it!
  3. I have an Android phone and if I were on AT&T I would probably switch to an iPhone... the latest launch of the OS upgrade-Froyo-on Android was a mess for many (including me), and until they can get major things like that (software updates) fixed, I think I would take the iPhone. If Verizon got the iPhone, the only thing that would hold me back is the lack of insurance on the phone.
  4. The gf had an iPhone and switched to the Captivate. She loves the Captivate more than her iPhone. Granted, she had a 3G iPhone, but lets' be honest, there aren't many big changes. The Captivate's screen is larger, and some say slightly "better" than the iP4's retina display. There's no front cam, but we don't really call much, so it doesn't matter for us. The Touchwiz launcher is very similar to the iP4, so it should be a rather easy conversion. And yes, the customization is a pro. Kara was impressed by how much and how easy it was to customize. GPS has been an issue, and I know Samsung was going to issue a fix. Not sure if that's been released, but you def would want to wait for that.
    As for FroYo, the Captivate runs on Eclair (2.1), and the issues that Miss Kris is talking about are largely specific to the Incredible, which is a completely different phone brand and different carrier. There have been plenty of FroYo implementations that have gone off without a hitch. Not sure when Samsung plans to release FroYo for the Captivate, but it should be soon. As with anything...I'd wait a few weeks before you apply it, just to make sure there aren't any major bugs.
    Last I checked, you could get the Captivate for $89 at
  5. Thanks Charles , I'm really leaning toward the Captivate,I'm going to go to an Att store and mess around with one.
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    The Froyo issues are not limited to the Incredible. Many Droid and Droid X users have the same issues, and since it hasn't been launched on the Captivate yet, there is no telling if it will have the same issues or not. Also, you don't have much of a choice as to when you upgrade. When the OTA upgrade comes through, it will keep popping up and, according to many people, will automatically download after awhile.

    ETA: Also, even if you were able to wait a few weeks for bugs to be fixed, when I called Verizon, they told me no patches would be coming out and that they are just replacing phones rather than sending patches. So, waiting wouldn't really do much good. Other members have brought this up in other threads when you suggested it's just a small problem and that it's just limited to the incredible, so not sure why you keep implying that it's a small problem. A simple Google search will show all of the problems that all Android phones have been having with FroYo. OP, you may want to check the Android forums (can Google them to find the link) before making any final decisions, as they have a great deal of information on all models.
  7. Thankfully I have had very very few issues with the Froyo update on my Droid X (just messed up text messaging indexing) but Kris is right. If you keep your phone on and dont turn it off like I do, it will automatically update without your consent after a certain amount of time. You have to push something on your phone to opt out but it will reinstall later on if you miss pushing it later...

  8. I didn't say they're only limited to the Incredible. I said mostly. I frequent WinMo and Android development forums on a daily basis, as well as read a few gadget blogs. Honestly, I've only seen a couple of mentions of the Incredible FroYo problems. I also did a Google search last time you brought this up and didn't find anything substantial. Do you happen to have links showing how many phones it affected and how those phones were affected. I usually read something about SMS problems, but that's about it.
    As for refusing the OTA update, you can, but it does keep popping up. A permanent fix would be to root (at this point, a simple one click APK), and change the name of the OTACERTS file name. And yes, bugs are fixed. There's a 2.2.1 version of FroYo out right now. Again, your experiences are with the Incredible and Verizon. AT&T and Samsung have almost nothing to do with either, so stop scaring people in regards to FroYo updates.
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    I'm not going to sit here and argue with you nor link to other forums knowing that it is strictly against tPF rules. All I am saying is don't be so quick to tell people to switch to Android until you youself have the experience of having to deal with the problems that they have created. Will everyone have these problems? No. Is there a chance that they could have problems? Yes. Should ANYONE have to deal with major problems because of a forced update? No.

    I had a Blackberry for 2 years and had absolutely no problems and quite frankly, Android has been one huge headache. When someone is asking if they should switch platforms, it's important that they hear the positives and negatives. Yes, your gf has a Captivate, but if she has not had to deal with the FroYo update, then of course she wouldn't have problems yet. If it was a simple fix, I'm sure Verizon wouldn't be freely handing out new phones to several people with FroYo problems, allowing people to switch off of the Android platform, nor releasing an entirely new OS by Christmas.

    As for rooting the phone, I'm pretty sure many people aren't going to mess with their phones to avoid problems, nor should they have to. And for the record, many people who rooted their phones before the update came through are having even more problems than those who didn't root. So again, before freely telling people to go spend a good amount of money on a phone, please be sure to let them know of the negatives of the platform as well and don't tell them that it's limited to one model, because in our Droid forum here on tPF, other people with different models have had problems as well, as they have all told you in other threads. I'm not trying to "scare" people, but to inform people because if I had to do it again, I wouldn't spend $200 on a phone to deal with issues and I'm sure noone else would want to spend that kind of money to deal with this headache. It doesn't really matter what network one is on, it's a Google problem / phone manufact. problem for the most part
  10. Here are some small posts from technical websites:

    "Many Droid X users have been experiencing problems after upgrading to Android 2.2 Froyo, and while the issues haven't been completely resolved, at least Motorola is acknowledging them, and has even listed them out for you to see. Problems listed by Motorola include:

    Stuck on Moto logo after reboot
    Random rebooting
    Wi-Fi connection and stability issues
    Battery Manager "force close" errors
    Media won't play
    Music files cutting off around the final four seconds"

    "The rollout of the latest version of Android, 2.2, also called Froyo, has certainly not gone according to plan. In fact, you can easily make the case that the rollout has been botched pretty badly. Google needs to think long and hard about how to make upgrades go more smoothly in the future.

    PC World has an excellent roundup of the various Froyo rollout problems, pointing out delays, problematic upgrades, and even cease-and-desist letters.

    There have been myriad problems with the rollout. Start with the basics: Phone owners have no idea when they'll be upgraded, or even whether they'll be upgraded. Quite a few phones don't seem to be on the upgrade list at all, because they haven't even been upgraded to Android 2.1. Motorola's Web site detailing Android upgrades lists a number of phones, including the Backflip, Cliq, and Cliq XT that don't even yet have Android 2.1, much less 2.2. And the Devour won't even be upgraded to Android 2.1.

    Motorola has also taken heat because Froyo on the Droid can't take advantage of Froyo's biggest new feature --- the ability to tether and create WiFi hot spots. The reasons for it are not at all clear, because the reasons that Motorola gave for it, such as hardware not being capable, don't appear to make a great deal of sense.

    It's not just Motorola that has a problem. PC World notes that the HTC Incredible still hasn't received an upgrade to 2.2, and that Dell's Android tablet ships with Android version 1.6.

    Some Android phone users have been so frustrated that they downloaded a leaked 2.2 ROM that a number of Web sites, such as MyDroidWorld, hosted. In response to the leak, Motorola lawyers sent a cease-and-desist letter to MyDroidWorld.

    Why has the upgrade been such a problem? In large part, it's inherent in the arrangement that Google has with hardware makers. Many hardware makers, including Motorola and HTC, tweak the Android interface in various ways. That means that they have to tweak any Android upgrades before the new version of Android can be released to users. That puts hardware makers in a quandry: How much effort should they devote to the upgrades, which phones get the upgrades first, and so on.

    Android has been a remarkable success for Google. But it needs to figure out ways to make upgrades go more smoothly. "

    For more, in Google, type "FroYo Problems"
  11. Here are issues pertaining to the leaked version of FroYo for the Captivate:

    Current issues/bugs so far with the "leaked" froyo for Captivate:

    1.Stock internet browser is very laggy, it is confirmed that there is a memory leak not related to Flash
    2.GPS still sucks for some
    3.Silent mode does not silent notifactions
    4.Cannot download attachments in Gmail
    5.Cannot delete multiple e-mails
    6.Under Exchange e-mail
    1.Cannot download attachments
    2.Forwarding an e-mail deletes your message and only send original message
    3.Cannot scroll through folders, bounces back
    4.cannot forward if there is an attachment in the original e-mail
    5.The good news, to fix exchange e-mail, follow this post:****
    6.Note doing the above fix will eliminate the ability to move the e-mail from one folder to another
    7.MMS does not work, cannot receive pictures
    8.If you select a contact from a group, it shows a different person, works on gmail and exchange accounts
    9.Market does not show protected paid apps, however to fix market apps, follow this post: *****
    10.Contacts do not always import correctly (joins some and not others)
    11.Cannot hear a call over the aux port, must use bluetooth or speaker
    12.Force Close when changing fonts
    13.3G is slower for some?
    14. PHONE CAN'T UNLOCK! - That pisses me off! This should be priority number one for the DEVS : )

    Of course this is only the leaked version, but just an FYI
  12. I am one of those DX owners with the problems, I have every single problem on that list. The logo screen is the most annoying, I'm stuck with out a phone at all for a good 30 minutes everytime.

    I love my DX and I really like Android, but this release was hastily pushed. They released on the very last day of Summer...which counts as their rumored "late summer" release date. Mr.Mm has not updated and his DX is still running perfectly.

    Another weird issue is my Voicemail time and date...I'm pretty sure my last message didn't come in on March 3rd, 1969. Not a big problem...just weird.
  13. Ok I went in and looked at the Captivate for the 2nd time today. I really like this phone so far. As for the issues, I have a 30 day return policy on the phone so I guess I can try it out for that amount of time, and if it's really a problem I will return it for a Torch or an iphone 4. I've had BB curve and BB pearl and they all fell apart physically. Iphone has been the most reliable so far, but there have always been things I didnt like about it. So I'm going to try the Captivate. You can order it at right now for $59.99 no tax or shipping and it's online only. I tried getting that from the store it's still $130.
  14. Yes, as in it's a BETA version, not a final production version, so all of this ^^ is moot.

    As for your previous post, that's MOTOROLA and VERIZON. This is a SAMSUNG phone on AT&T. Google gives the Android code to the phone carriers and phone makers, and they are the ones mostly dealing with the customizations and rollouts. So when you hear about FroYo problems with the Samsung Captivate (final releases), then you'll have a point. Until then, it seems mostly specific to the Incredible and mostly specific to Motorola phones on Verizon.

    Anyhow, the Captivate is running Eclair, so all this 2.2 talk doesn't really matter...does it?
  15. My brother chose the Captivate over Iphone 4, and he's had the phone for almost 2 months. As far as I know, he hasn't had any major issues with the update... but I will have to ask him about it some more. He asked me if I wanted to update my phone (I have the Vibrant on t-mobile), but I never got around to having him do it.