Samsonite Luggage-carry on ONLY $29.97

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  1. Good job, what a steal! I have been in the market for a 17"-20" rolling. What size is that? Did you get it in the stores or online b/c it out of stock online now.
  2. Had 3 in my cart, now its all gone!
  3. Any free shipping codeS?
  4. all gone
  5. How did you know they are out of stock? I just ordered 3 in black! I wonder if my order will get cancelled...
  6. I just ordered 3 black ones from Amazon. From $400 to 30 bucks?! amazing!
  7. I have that exact carry-on from two years ago and it's awesome! I can't believe the discount, whoever got it seriously hit the jackpot.
  8. Just be careful, in some of the feedback said that the luggage's wheel is broken.
  9. I clicked on the link and it said all gone?? Maybe I'm wrong??

    This item is no longer available.
    Samsonite® Silhouette Spinners
  10. I Just Bought One From Amazon, Thanks!!!!!!!!!
  11. Try again, Sassy! It still looks like it is available to me....
  12. just got two:yahoo:
  13. UPDATE: I just called and ordered another for my BF