Sampling at the Balenciaga Buffet

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  1. I have bought and sold the following bags: caramel box, ink twiggy, ink first, eggplant first, khaki first, truffle twiggy and bordeaux purse. I have loved each bag for different reasons but each one had at least one thing about it that didn't totally suit me. I feel like I have been sampling the Balenciaga buffet, looking for the exact one that "tastes" right to me.

    I really, really whole-heartedly believe that an ink purse will do this for me. It has my all time fave color, the size I need and the the ability to carry on the shoulder. I have never liked the detachable straps.

    Now the problem is, I can't seem to find an ink purse anywhere! If you see or hear about one, please let me know! I have sold all my bbags in anticipation of finding my one perfect bag. Thanks!
  2. I wish you luck finding your dream purse!! For those of us that are newbie's what about the purse style do you like the best?
  3. There are so many things about it that I like. It looks great on your shoulder OR on your forearm. You don't have a detachable shoulder strap to mess with. It's big enough for everything but slim (flat) enough to stay close to your body when you wear it on your shoulder. It's feminine and classy, with that b-bag edginess all at the same time.

    The bordeaux purse I had was amazing. I loved everything about it except the color, which I really DID like a lot, but didn't LOVE. I have decided that I am going to only have one b-bag and it needs to be something very neutral and something I adore with all of my heart.
  4. Lori I was doing the same, until I found my turquoise 05 first, the color is so bold and eye catching, I love it!!!:heart: I will keep an eye for you on the ink purse ;)
  5. LoriB, what about the twiggy did you not like. i'm thinking about getting a truffle twiggy but not sure.
  6. I think it was just the length, and the fact that I prefer a shoulder bag but didn't like how it looked hanging on my shoulder. I really, really loved the truffle color though. I mean really, really. But not as much as I love ink.
  7. I just bought an Ink Purse from a great PFer she had on ebay a couple of weeks ago. I bought it off ebay from her. I LOVE the Purse style. I have it in Magenta also. Perfect bag. Hope you find one!
  8. Oh Donna....Oooohhhhhh Donna! *L* You are so lucky!

    If I could afford more than one b-bag right now, I'd probably have a greige purse and an ink purse. Light and dark, ya know.
  9. Have you tried calling Barneys? I thought I saw a post not too long ago with someone mentioning they have seen a ink purse there. Unless I got the wrong store??
  10. ^^I was about to suggest trying Barneys New York -- the Madison Avenue store. they had one a few weeks ago, along with a lot of other ink.
  11. lorib-

    Barneys in Chicago had ONE Ink Purse when I was there Sunday!!! don't let them tell you that it is Blueberry b/c it was INK!!!
  12. I can totally relate to this. I have been trying to find my perfect style and color for awhile now. I think I finally have, but in the meantime, I've had and sold/returned the following bags:

    1. indigo first (sold b/c it was too small)
    2. magenta box (sold b/c the color didn't work for me)
    3. bubblegum pink day bag (sold b/c it was too much pink- although I would love a small accessory in the color)
    4. emerald green day bag (returned too veiny)
    5. caramel city (sold)
    6. lilac clutch (sold, it was beautiful, but I didn't have a use for it)
  13. I totally hear ya! I think it is such an individual thing. I have owned and sold for various reasons - and sometimes it was out of need for money:

    my very first B bag was an

    anis first - handles were just too dark for me
    black city - too big and cumbersome for my tastes
    indigo day - WHY DID I EVER SELL this beauty???? (need $$ for a trip)
    red first (with silver hardware) - again, the darker handles bothered me plus same reason as above - $$
    Chocolate Brown Day - grew tired of it - but I've been eyeing them again laterly
    Rouge Purse - way too wide and big - bought this one new
    Magenta shrug - too bulky - great color
    Finally decided I prefer the hobo style for carrying lots of stuff and the first style for the leather. so my two long time keepers are:
    Ink Hobo - Needed the $$ from a dumb gambling trip

    I currently have and plan on keeping:
    Olive day and Bordeaux first

    I currently have the teal mini and while I LOVE this style, I'm not completely crazy about the color.

    I am on the lookout for another first - which will complete my collection (for the time being :smile:

    I think there are those "keepers" and then those we enjoy for a little while. While my keeper may be your "temporary" - Your temporary may be my keeper. Its so individual -
  14. 05 caramel purse in like new condition will be on it's way to me tomorrow! Yes, I am still looking for a used ink in good condition but that will have to wait. Caramel was on my want list too, so I am very excited about this!!

  15. Rocco..I think I recognize your name from TFS? Did you sell your indigo day to durbs girl (who sold it to me?) If so, know that it's in a really happy home and I am thrilled with it. :love:

    If I'm wrong sorry for the mixup!