samples for everyday minerals?

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  1. Where is the link for the samples? I can't find it, did they take it away or I must be blind today.
  2. Its still there if you go under Custom kits... :smile:
  3. THANK YOU!!!!!!!:heart:
  4. I should be getting my sample kit tomorrow and I can't wait!! If I like the products, I'll be ordering the 78.00 kit. So excited!!
  5. I got my sample kit in like 2 days! I haven't tried them yet, but hopefully I'll get a chance today.

    I'll let everyone know how they work out for me....
  6. I just placed an order, I can't wait to get them!!!!
  7. i got mine over a week ago and have been using it.

    i love it!

    i used bare minerals before and i didnt like it.

    the everyday ones are great.

    and the samples will last me a while too!
  8. i love EM!! hope you love it too because it is great stuff!! i've been using it for over a year and my skin loves it. :love:
  9. Their premium Kabuki brush is great! I just ordered a second one, also w/ the mini eyeshadow kit. Don't need it, but love to have.
  10. This is the best stuff ever and you cannot beat the price!
  11. I got my sample kit today and I LOVE it!!! I ordered the Sunkissed fair and Fair in foundations but I think I'm going to stick with the fair since the Sunkissed Fair leaves my face with orange lines. I swear it's so hard for me to find a foundation that doesn't leave me orange....even the lightest ones possible do. I'm going to try the Sunkissed Fair one more time and see if I can get it right. The blush is really good too, I even used it on my eyes!!

    I noticed on the website if you order by tomorrow you get 10% off and two free eye shadows. Do these promotions happen often? I'm feeling a bit rushed to buy the kit I want since I'm short on cash but it seems like a really good offer.
  12. two of their makeup kits are $28. what would i need to buy to get to $29? :confused1:
  13. I just received my sample kit this week. I am really impressed with the foundation and blush. I think I need a darker concealer though. Overall it's a great product. I'm thinking of trying the eyeshadows.
  14. You could buy a small eye shadow for 2.50
  15. I was so sold on that make up today that I just ordered myself a kit. Still not sure on foundation though so I ordered the Sandy Fair and Fair. I'm really confused but the Sandy Fair seems lighter so that's probably the one I'll keep and I'll exchange the other one. Gah, I didn't see the Sandy Fair option when I ordered my samples, but it seems lighter than the Fair, doesn't it??