Sample Sales in New York May 4-9?

  1. Hello fellow TPFers! I will be in New York this weekend and was hoping to hit up a few sample sales. Does anybody know what sample sales are happening this weekend? I'm already checking out the Showroom Seven & Lyell Sample Sales but I'd like to check out more.
  2. 24th St Loft - Spring Jewelry Sale
    Event Begins:5/5/2007Event Ends:5/6/2007Event Times:Sat 11am-7pm
    Sun 12pm-5pm
    Location:148 West 24th St.
    (btwn 6th & 7th Ave)
    9th Floor
    New York, NY 10011
    (917) 771-0487

    Denim Blitz - Presents Betsey Johnson
    Event Begins:5/3/2007Event Ends:5/13/2007Event Times:Thu-Sat 11am-7pm
    Sun 12pm-6pm
    Location:72 Greene St.
    (btwn Spring & Broome)
    New York, NY 10012

    GF Ferré, Just Cavalli & Malo - Up To 80% Off

    Event Begins:4/30/2007Event Ends:5/6/2007Event Times:Mon-Sat 11am-7pm
    Sun 11am-5pm
    Location:85 5th Ave.
    (at 16th St.)
    6th floor
    New York, NY 10003
    (212) 413-4421

    High-End Designer Shoe - Sample Sale
    Event Begins:5/4/2007Event Ends:5/10/2007Event Times:Fri & Mon-Thu
    Closed Sat & Sun
    Location:307 7th Ave.
    (btwn. 27th & 28th St.)
    Suite 2307
    New York, NY 10001
    (212) 366-1822

    TSE - Spring Sample Sale
    Event Begins:5/6/2007Event Ends:5/10/2007Event Times:Sun-Thu 9am-6:30pm
    Location:317 West 33rd - Soiffer Haskin
    (btwn 8th & 9th Aves)
    New York, NY 10001
    (917) 606-6795

    Vivienne Tam - Sample Sale Up To 75% Off
    Event Begins:5/7/2007Event Ends:5/11/2007Event Times:Mon 8:30am-8pm
    Tue 9am-7pm
    Wed & Thu 10am-7pm
    Fri 10am-6pm
    Location:550 7th Ave.
    (btwn. 39th & 40th Sts.)
    20th Fl.
    New York, NY 10018
    (212) 840-6470
  3. For once, I am jealoused at the people who live in NYC
  4. thanks everybody! i'm mostly interested in clothing but any and all help will be appreciated!
  5. If you are looking for deals might I suggest the high end consignment shops on Madison Ave.? Michael's has Chanel, Hermes, etc...located btw. 79/80th Sts on the second floor and up a couple of blocks are two more consignment shops...Encore and Bis. Happy Shopping.
  6. thanks Kalodie! I really appreciate the info on the high end consignment shops! The last time I was in NY, I found a vintage Gucci @ one of those stores, but in Gramercy! I'll be sure to check those out.
  7. Have fun.
  8. but they r used items....i've been michael's, didnt like it...will never go again...

    dont u feel weird in clothes or shoes wore by some strangers?
  9. Although I understand that some people do not like "used" clothing & accessories, I love vintage everything. I cannot afford to buy boutique clothing yet so I like the idea of knowing that no one will be have the unique item I find. Also, I love the thrill of the hunt and finding something for $3. I get more compliments on my vintage items than from regular store things.

    Also, just b/c you buy something "brand new" doesn't mean it's been worn or returned already. I used to work at Gap & Esprit and 1) you would not believe the kind of body odor people have and who have the nerve to try on clothes and 2) there's lots of ways for customers to wear items and return them and retailers will put them straight onto the floor.
  10. well, it's all about wut u feel...if you think it's a good deal and u enjoy the item, then that's just great
  11. Lifelong NYC resident here who buys most, if not all of her stuff on discount. Here's how and where i do it.
    -- (you have to register, but at least it's free)
    -- city listings, updated every Monday
    -- NY section archives will have a new sample sales email every few weeks
    -- updates her blog with sale listings from time to time. [check other blogs and forums for sales reports to see if it's worth it.]

    keep in mind you will often have to wait on line, it may be in some random upstairs studio in the garment district. Best advice: if you see something you *might* want to buy, hold onto it or someone else will get to it first! Also, a lot of places dont have fitting rooms, so wear a lightweight tank and a loose skirt (to try on pants/shorts/other skirts under) if you are going for clothes.

    Non-sample sale discount secrets:
    1. Century21 is the mecca of every designer discount fiend ever. It's down on Cortlandt street in the financial district. It doesnt look pretty, you have to dig, but the finds are amazing. Some of mine from the past six months or year include: Goldsign Jeans w/ limited edition embroidery--$65.00, orig. 210, Les Copains Large Silk Square Scarf--$39.99, orig at least 150 or 200, DVF evening silk skirt--$60, etc. etc. Be sure to check the clothing and accessories floors. Do NOT go here between 12 and 2pm, aka lunch break for all 100000000 women who work within five blocks. Show up there before 12pm and it will be more organized and calm.

    2. Of course the usual Loehmann's and Filene's Basement have multiple locations in Manhattan and all of NYC.

    3. If you can take a day during your trip to leave NYC, rent a car (or take a bus??) to Woodbury Common Premium Outlets. Went there last weekend and OMG. It's amazing. Not to mention home to the ONLY Chanel Outlet in the Entire World!!!! If you go there, my favs are Barney's, Coach, Off 5th, DVF, Gucci, Space (Prada/Miu Miu) and Celine/Pucci. Largest outlet mall in the entire US I think. Only 1hr ish drive.

    4. If you end up in Brooklyn at all (Williamsburg), Beacon's Closet can have good finds as well.

    Also, if its mid-summer as in late-June thru early August, hit up small boutiques for mega sale finds, especially in NoLIta and SoHo (not Bway, on the side streets)

    I may regret sharing this info on here since you all might get to my deals first! But good luck, and have fun!!!!

    Amidst all your shopping, don't forget to enjoy the city's little treasures like its art galleries, hole in the wall neighborhood restaurants and pubs, parks, etc.
  12. one more thing--not all sample sales are amazing. Some you wait for 20 min, get inside and nothing is your size and is weird colors. Others are heaven. My latest sample sale purchase--a wonderful Hayden-Harnett Lorca in Chocolate Brown at half-price! I'll stop gloating and post my collection sooner or later instead.
  13. That's so true...some sample sales are not great, some are. You just never know. I have done better scoping the sales and places like Lohmans although my absolute favorite sale is the Saks summer sale...extra 40% off. Trick is to go first day, right at the opening. Grab bags from the first floor and bring them to the shoe premium designer shoe dept. with can decide what you want later. You can also ask your SA to hold the bags for you until you go see the shoes. Some will do this, some won't. Always stress you are a local, not a tourist...that seems to work.