Sample Sales in Chicago?

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  1. Are there many sample sales in Chicago? If so how do yo find them. Thanks!
  2. well i'm happy enough if people want to share what sample sale is going on right now in chicago? where? and when? hehe...
  3. Hello Ladies,
    This is my first time posting to this forum...

    Don't know anything about Betaboutique, haven't ever been to their sales. I joined BDB and went to the sale in early summer. Got a Tibi dress, smaller name designer skirt and cashmere sweater all for $300. Some people like the Billion Dollar Babe Sales other reviews on the coasts have been lukewarm. Hope someone else comes up with more info, I hate that all the fun sales happen in NYC and LA!
  4. I hate it too! We Mid-Western girls need bargains too!
  5. ^ that's true...most of them happen in NYC, I think LA is the second one.

    Anyway, bdb, does it need admission fee? Or admin fee/membership fee is only for the member? then public still can get in there on the last day of the event?
  6. I went to the looks like you pay to get in early(they sell membership levels) but not at the official sale. I only looked really fast so I don't have all the specifics.
  7. yeah and why do we bother to pay if it turns out it's not that great. kwim? cause usually that kind of sale are old items / items from past season so ........ you know, not that great
  8. i'm moving to nyc for the sales, and that's final! All i need to do now is find a job..... not so easy.
  9. also, sometimes daily candy lists sales going on in chicago...

    Aggie, any savings from the sales will SURELY be wiped out by the high cost of living in NYC :smile:
  10. Chicago is so lame when it comes to sample sales. I wish we had more here.
  11. well, 8/11-8/16 | LuxuryDrop Sample Sale
    80%-90% off men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing, shoes, and accessories (as well as a smattering of Domicile furniture)
    noon-5pm; 346 North Justine Street; Admission is $5.

    hope that helps! :smile:
  12. We certainly do get shafted in the Midwest! I would love to do an annual trip to NYC to shop both the sample sales and their designer outlets. I LOVE the designer outlet that's about an hour outside the city. Although I was only their once, but managed to do enough damage!
  13. bump^ any new ones since it will be summer soon?