Sample sale!!

  1. I think that 6pm GMT is 1pm Eastern Time (US). So it would be 12pm CST.
  2. RCC - yes, you've got the time difference spot on!
  3. I've been lurking on this forum for a while now and I'v been stalking Bonanzle. I'm planning to join y'all tomorrow for the sale. I would love to find a LM midi or mini in either root or petrol.
  4. Welcome! Good luck finding your target on the sample sale! If nothing pops up there, I'm sure a Love Me in the sizes you are looking for will eventually pop up on Bonz or Bay.
  5. What time will that be in Dallas, TX?
  6. ^Noon

  7. Yay, Atta!
  8. Thanks for the welcome VanBod and Moonfancy. See you tomorrow!
  9. Welcome Attagirl! You'll love that root leather - I just picked up a bag in that and it's fabulous! Good luck everyone on the sale tomorrow - I hope you all find exactly the bag you've been dreaming about!
  10. .....or not if your bank account is groaning under the weight of bag purchases already :lol:
  11. Oh man, this is a very bad news for my wallet
  12. Gah, I can't get the currency in USD even though Jackie reset it!
  13. is anyone on the sale page?
  14. Ahh, yes, but....
  15. Yes, just one bag, without a sale price