sample sale?

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  1. hi all,
    i just started looking at RM bags and they are fabulous! i am definitely going to try to save up for a MAM in some bright funky color. :smile:

    anywho, i was wondering why so many of the posts have mentioned what seems to be an upcoming/soon to be sample sale..?

    thank you for letting me read your posts! :smile:
  2. Yes, there will be a sample sale for RM bags in May in NYC. More details soon! Just keep an eye on the forum!
  3. i think i'm starting to get excited because i'll actually be in NYC in May :smile: do you guys know how much MAM or MA bags run?
  4. thank you! i suppose i'll just have to take a trip down there, then :tup:
  5. Does anyone know whether the ss bags will be offered online or whether they will take phone orders?????
  6. Hi spacemakerx :flowers:

    I know that retail-wise, MAM's are 550.00 and MA's are 595.00. Am not too sure how much of a discount you would get at the SS, but it's a heck of alot better than paying full price! :tup:
  7. oh man...i live for 4 hours from NYC and i will DEFINITELY be making a drive for this!!! wooooo! :woohoo: i NEED a nikki!!!!!!