Sample sale with wife...30 minutes and we're out

  1. My wife knew about the H sample sale here in NYC so we decided to take a quick look this evening before dinner. I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to study some of the different types of leathers (seeing and feeling the leather in real life while actually knowing something, not much, but something about them).

    We went in thinking that anything worth buying had probably been taken already so we were pretty sure we would be walking out with very little, if not nothing.

    Safe to say that I was wrong.

    We ended up purchasing a marron fonce cashmere jacket with mink collar, a few scarves (couple "normal" and couple "handrolled"(?)), and a vert anis ostrich agenda for my wife, and a camel leather jacket and some ties for myself (I apologize for the description...I really don't know what I'm talking about and this is the best I can do!). All in all, my wife (and I, I must admit) had an enjoyable half hour!
  2. Welcome to the Pf, skim!

    Wow, sounds like you scored some gorgeous items! We would love to see pics! Congrats to you and your wife on the H goodies!!!
  3. Welcome Skim, nice haul!
  4. Congratulations, sounds like you got some great stuff. Would love to see pictures!
  5. Wow, do you have single male friends who are interested in fashion and Hermes like you are???? Not for me, I've a HHH (happy Hermes husband), but I guarantee those men are worth their weight in gold! If so, tell em to forget the singles clubs. Get em all together, drop a note to the board that you are meeting to have a huge high tea at _______________, then head over to Hermes to shop! Who knows what may happen?
  6. That seems like an ideal half hour to me, :smile:!! All of your purchases sound wonderful and you are a lovely husband to have taken your wife out for such a fun Hermes experience.
  7. 30 mins and you ended up with that haul?! Wow, you're efficient shoppers, lol! Congrats!!! Sounds like you and your wife had a great time! Ooh, pls feel free to post a few pics, esp of those scarves. I can never get enough of looking at Hermes scarves in all their intricate design and beauty.
  8. Hey looking for a mistress.....? LOL...I'd love to go shoppong with a guy that likes Hermes!!
  9. Skim, hope you don't mind my asking, how did you find us? Not very common for a guy to be trolling around here.
  10. Sounds great!
  11. Actually, this IS how my DH likes to shop at and out in 30 mins or less......
  12. ^^At least he goes in. Mine drops me off and well, who knows what he does in that time... and who cares? LOL!
  13. Skim, I am so impressed!
    I am also very impressed with your knowledge of Hermes colours, leathers and hardware!
  14. SHOPMOM??? Paging Shopmom....GF just fed you a straight line...
  15. I KNOW...I can't believe I left that one wide open, and no it nighttime in the US?