Sample Sale Wholesalers/NYC...Legit?

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  1. Has anyone heard about the former Duty free apparel? They are now called Sample Sale Wholesalers...located in the garment district here in NYC? Real or fake? Claim to carry almost everyone...Balenciaga, Marc, Prada, etc...
  2. They're legit. I've bought stuff there before.
  3. Thanks...I thought they were but I know there are many much more savvy than I . Heading there tomorrow.
  4. They may not have everything they list on their website, but they do cram a ton of stuff into a very small space. I used to work across the street and I'd stop by there often but I haven't been in several months. Let us know what you find!
  5. yes legit but not great savings! had balenciaga day for 950
  6. I've always wondered if they're legit. The discounts aren't very good.
  7. I never ended up caught up at the Gustto/Tory Burch sample sale around the corner and had too much to carry...