Sample Sale ?s


Mar 31, 2008
I am new to this sample sale business. Are the bags sold at the sample sale just what she has left over? Is there a chance to get really coveted bags or is that a shot in the dark? They are all beautiful, just wondering what my options might be. Thanks ladies!


Jan 10, 2008
Usually SS are for merchandise that is left over from the previous season or contain samples of the upcoming season. A designer may make a "sample" (e.g., bag) to show to buyers and that can end up at a SS. Often a bag can be in a design/color that never went to production so you can end up with a unique bag. Sometimes SS items will have small/minor defects but that is usually noted accordingly. It's really hard to say what type of inventory will end up there but demand is high and supply is low so merchandise at SS sell out FAST. HTH.