Sample Sale Productions - NYC - CHANEL 9/22-9/25

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  1. Sample Sale Productions is having another Chanel sale in NYC. I went last year and they had some amazing bags. Last year I bought my hidden sequin maxi and a jumbo overnight bag for my mother for Xmas. Great prices.

    They had an amazing selection of vintage, new, RUNWAY etc. bags last year. The sale started today.


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  2. Good Luck hope you find some great chanels please sent us lotsa pictures
  3. I don't know if I am going to go................. I know I will be tempted to buy and I am trying to be good SLASH waiting on a few bags in the mail :graucho:

    but, hey, I say I don't think I am going to go, but I might just wind up there :P
  4. I am, once again, J E A L O U S (in a nice way, of course) of your fabulous location and access to all things awesome. :smile: Hope you go and have a great time! I agree with, pics!!
  5. i went this afternoon -- the selection was incredible but the prices were ridiculous!!! i was looking at small vintage black bags that would go for like $900-1200 on malleries that were listed for $2000! some bags were only $300-400 off retail. not worth it in my opinion.
  6. thanks for the intel. The prices were great last year, thats too bad :tdown:
  7. Glad I am not closer to NY, because I can't resist chanel! Hopefully someone goes and can give us more details of bags:graucho:
  8. Awesome! I hope to see some amazing scores here.