Sample sale on Long Island...with Balenciaga!

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  1. Received a sale notice from and thought you might be interested:

    Sample Sale Productions - Long Island Thanksgiving Event: authentic designer handbags and accessories by Prada, Gucci, Fendi, Chloe, BALENCIAGA, and more all at 25-70% off.

    Event Begins: 11/23/2007
    Event Ends: 11/25/2007
    Event Times: Fri-Sun 10am-6pm

    Location: 369 Old Country Road - Holiday Inn
    (across from Best Buy)
    Carle Place, NY 11514
    (917) 453-6687

    I've never been -- have no idea what they'll have, but if you're in the area, it could be fun! :yes: If anyone makes it there, post back and let us know what they have.
  2. Ohhhh....I wanna go! Wish I lived in NY......they get all the fun stuff!
  3. i wish i was in NY! arrghhh!!! :sad:
  4. If anyone goes be carefull. I believe others have posted on TPF that these sales do not always carry authentic items. I think if you do a search you'll find some info.
  5. how cool. Wish I lived in the area.
  6. Someone check it out and report back!
  7. I'm home in NY for Thanksgiving. I'd go and report back chinkyi23 has me a little apprehensive. Can you tell me where other tPFers have complained of authenticity?

    I generally don't want to drive out to LI for fake bags and considering it starts Friday and Old Country Road is home to a montrous mall that will probably be in the midst of being ransacked, I really don't want to go if they're fake.
  8. I have NO idea whether or not the items are authentic (I have no ties to the company, was simply passing info along). In my experience, the sales listed on have always been reputable -- but who knows whether or not this is always the case?! If you go, good luck -- hopefully things will be authentic and you'll find a treasure. ;)
  9. wish i live in NY... this is so unfair!
  10. Last time my husband and I were in New York for a little vacation, on our last morning there we found this little shop on W. 36th St. (can't exactly remember where on 36th) the name on the place was Sample Sale. They had lots of high-end bags - Balenciaga, Prada, Fendi etc...I only looked at a few because we had to get back to our hotel and to the airport, but the ones I looked at were absolutely authentic, and DH bought me a beautiful 2007 black city - at below retail price.
  11. are you talking about duty free apparel? that's the only sample sale that I know located in that area...
  12. No - Not duty free apparel. The sign on the shop said Sample Sale. It looked like a new store - like they were still setting some things up. The card that the guy gave us says Sample Sale Wholesalers. As I said, I don't know if this is the same company, and I didn't have time to examine all of their bags, but I did look at a Fendi spy bag, 3 Balenciaga's and a Prada, and they were all authentic. We ended up buying the Black City which is 100% authentic and got a pretty good price on it.
  13. So Wish I Was Going Home For The Holidays Just For This Sale!!!!!
  14. I've been to one of their previous sales on Long Island, held in the basement level of a Holiday Inn hotel, so I'll share that experience. I got there half an hour or so after opening time, but there was already a long line to get in. The wait time was at least 45 minutes and the line was growing steadily. The room they used was very small, so there's a limit on how many people are allowed in at once. The range of items on sale unfortunately didn't quite meet up to expectations (had been too optimistic, I guess!), and many shoppers were seen leaving without any purchases. Maybe all the best items had been snapped up much earlier?

    I'd recommend going very early, if you're at all interested, and to inspect all purchases carefully as always -- I saw a Chloe with a broken zipper on the table. They only had a few Balenciaga makeup clutches by the time I got in and the tags all had the same information printed on them, regardless of color, for some reason. The spare tassels were also wound up in a round manner and were stiffer than those on my City. I was told that they would have some smaller Balenciaga bags for sale the next day (probably the First), but I didn't go back to check them out. All sales are final; returns are not accepted. Hope this helps!
  15. ^ thanks mochiblure for the info! I got a lot of emails about sample sales in that area, but I never went b/c I had never heard about ppl's experiences from there, so I didn't want to waste a trip just in case. You said the spare tassels were wound up in a round manner, so I'm assuming they were fake since I read here that tassles definitelly shouldn't be coiled up like that.
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