Sample Sale KOOBA ADA - Ladies, I need help!!!

  1. I posted this separately on the "Authenticate this thread" but want some opinions. Here goes..

    Earlier this year, I bought a Terrain Ada at the sample sale in NYC (Clothingline), I loved the bag and used it regularly for a while. Now, I realize I don't use it much so put it on eBay last week. This bag has the Clothingline stamp beside the kooba plate on the inner zipper, etc. Now a buyer bids on my item and emails me to retract because she thinks it's fake. The reason for this is that the base of my bag doesn't have the "extra" strap that she sais she saw in all authentic Adas on eBay and from online retailers. I have attached a photo to show this.

    My bag doesn't have this extra strap, just the studded strap that goes all thae way to the bottom and across the base. I know there have been issues about the number of studs differing between 2 genuine Adas, could this be the case? I am dead sure this is authentic unless Clothingline sells fakes (and conned all of us who bought there).

    Those of you who bought an Ada there, can you check yours? Thanks!
    KOOBA.jpg kooba2.jpg
  2. I have a Jillian that has the same feature, no second bottom strap.

    I was told that mine most likely was a prototype or salesrep sample for selling purposes. I bet they added that second little strap as feet for the bag later in production.

    If I ever try to sell my Jillian I may have the same problem that you are encountering.

    Good luck to you.
  3. Okay, this has been settled. Thanks so much!