Sample Sale - Gustto bags

  1. New shipment for Gustto bags!

  2. I was surprised nobody posted this earlier!

    I just went during lunch today and they have a lot of the popular styles setela in medium and large and baca? as well as some other styles. Some of the bacas had python straps but the deals weren't great. They were $250-$295. They had one in the dark navy-ink-ish color but they were on display and they didn't want to let people try them on so I just left.
  3. Too bad I'm all the way down here in Florida and that they can't be ordered online. I would have been interested in Baca or Parina in blue. Thanks for posting this, though.

  4. You stopped by?? Do you know if there were any Parinas? I really want one!
  5. re: parinas

    I had to look at the clothingline website to double check the style names but yes they had these there. It was either 250 or 295. Definitely in camel and ink-blue leather and another color but I can't remember. They also had this style in denim material with brown leather contrast stitching for $150.

    I liked the ink blue color but I thought it was still too much $$. If you call them they might sell it to you over the phone. Try to call/email them.
  6. I actually tried emailing them already, and they said sorry, they can only sell in the store. aw man! i really want one! i would get it for 250/295, good deal compare to original price.