Sample sale - Betsey Johnson, Diesel, True Religion, Seven for all Mankind and more!

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. it already started today...i got 4 dresses, 2 blazers and 1 top, total $360
  3. Lucky! Did they have a lot of stuff there and do you think it would be worth it to go Saturday or Sunday? Post pictures of waht you got if you can!
  4. yes, they have a lot of stuff there and they told me that there would be additional 300 pieces of dress this coming monday.

    i dont think it would be any different on weekends except that some goes very quickly, especially pretty ones ^_^
  5. It started today???
  6. yeah~ haha~ u r late, baby!
  7. I had no idea. It says it starts Friday. Was there a lot of ppl? How were the prices? Approx how much % off?
  8. it was al right, not that crowded...guess they all think it starts friday ^_^

    the prices are gooooood~ $99 for all unmarked betsey johnson dresses, the most expensive dresses are around $200.

    if you havnt been there before, dont forget to check their jeans, best deal in town for 7, 575

    they gave me additional discounts since i followed them every time