Sample Sale Bag - I'm wearing mine. You?

  1. I wore my silver goatskin Hanover for the first time yesterday and couldn't believe how many compliments I got on it. Mulberry is just establishing a foothold here but the reaction I got to my Hanover was amazing. If only we had a Mulberry outlet too...

    So: is anyone else who went to the sample sale wearing theirs?
  2. SHARE PICS ;)
  3. Can't yet. My coworkers already think I'm nuts with my handbags and if I sit here taking pics of one, they'll have me committed.
  4. :roflmfao: When you can then ... i wouldn't want you getting locked up
  5. ^^ Besides, the men in white would take my Mulberry away!!!
  6. Haha, Ive not seen that bag in person or anything cant wait to see some pics, im really loving mulberry bags right now :tup:
  7. Love the bag! Can't wait to see pics. The bag looks HUGE. Is it huge? Or just normal big? Enjoy! To the max!