Sample bag image thread

  1. We need a thread full of all the bags that never made it to stores but we have seen at Sample Sales, eBay, Gwen paparazzi photos, etc.

    ...Who wants to start?!
  2. Let's start with the most recent one...seen on the nanny at LAX a few days ago. It's the sambura print from fall 08 in a style that wasn't available for us.
  3. ^ I still can't believe she is carrying that thing! lol. No freakin' wheels....
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    This thread is a good idea! I used to keep a blog about LAMB bags and kept some sample photos too so I'll add them little by little...

    Here are some Signature bags in Yellow Ombre Chain.

    L to R:
    Dome satchel (official name unknown)
    Exeter (though this model is slightly larger than the original Exeter)

    I have also seen the Carlisle in this color but I'll have to go digging for its photo.
    01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg
  5. L to R:

    Signature clutch (official name unknown) in African theme print
    Los Feliz Ventura in Bullseye
    Love Treviso in Navy (version of Raven)
    Jacquard Oxford in Black/Natural
    Jacquard Cat in Metallic Pink
    04.jpg 05.jpg 06.jpg 07.jpg 08.jpg
  6. [​IMG]

    black and white checkerboard exeter
  7. The girl who bought that sat next to me in a job testing room. So random! I had been watching it and missed out on the auction. It's more beautiful in person!

    PS: I want the B&W Check Exeter. :drool:

  8. :nuts:That is HAWT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that yours???
  9. Brown/Black/White Checkerboard Satchel sample from Fall 2009 collection
  10. ^I like that Satchel!

    B&W Checkerboard Exeter is to die for.
  11. Yayyy, I was thinking of making a thread like this too!

    Let me browse my saved LAMB images.
  12. ^-- Yeah, the b/w checkerboard exeter is mine, I picked it up from the last sample sale!! Can't wait to see what I find at the next one.

  13. Alston (poor squished Alston - I wonder what happened to you:sad:):




    Montego Bowler:




    Westfield Tote:


    LAMBSignatureAlstoninYellowOmbresid.jpg LAMBSignatureCarlisleClutchinYel-3.jpg LAMBSignatureMontegoBowlerinYellowO.jpg LAMBSignatureWatchwellinYellowOmbre.jpg LAMBSignatureWestfieldShopperinYell.jpg
  14. Makeup bag
    makeup bag.jpg
  15. lamb_clutchbillfold_yellow1a.jpg