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  1. Hi - does anyone have any experience with Sammies? I am getting one soon and would like to hear real world experience about how they are. Thanks!
  2. They are wonderful!

    I don't have one at my house, but my Dad does, and it's the most gentle, people-friendly dog I've ever met. He also sits up and plays dead for treats. I don't know that much about dogs, but this breed seems to be very friendly and gentle overall (I brought my cat over to visit, and not only did he not bite or bark at her, he actually nuzzled her).
  3. One of my greatgrandmothers loved them and showed them. I remember them as wonderful, happy dogs. Their downside is that they shed like nobody's business. White fluff everywhere! So, be prepared to spend some time and money on your dog's coat.
  4. It's nice to know that you all have good experiences with Samoyeds. I've always admired those beautiful dogs.
  5. One of the smartest dogs I've ever had was a Sammy. He would shake hands, bring in the newspaper and mail and no one ever taught him these tricks. He just seemed to know them. His desire to please was enormous!

    They are a happy breed and are very devoted to their family. They shed a lot and once a year they "drop coat" and you can literally fill a garbage can with the fur you brush out of them. My Samoyed also had severe separation anxiety when he was young and was very destructive (chewing furniture, rugs) when nobody was home.
  6. My auntie breeds them. Their absolutely BEAUTIFUL! All her adult ones have been the sweetest natured dogs ever. I'm definately getting one when I have my own place! They get on really well with the other breed she breeds too (Pomerainians, so a lot smaller breed than the Samoyeds) they don't really live in with the Pom's though the two breeds are mostly seperated. The puppies are the cutest things like tiny polar bears :heart:
  7. Hi I have a Samoyed her name is Rosie and she is just turned 9 years old. I have had her since she was 12 weeks. She is the most gentle sweet natured dog you could ever wish to own, BUT they are very intelligent dogs and very very stubborn most things have to be done on there terms. They most definitely can only be in a household were there is somebody home most of the day, Rosie was 5 years old before I dare leave her for more than 2-3 hours and even now she will let you know:push: if you are out more than 5 hours, Bag-Mania said about how destructive they can be this is very common in Samoyeds, Rosie has chewed her way thorough £££££££££'s of furniture. They are not a breed that appreciates being indoors but they are not an outdoor dog either (hope that makes sense) as they love human company. I could go on and on about how beautiful she is and how loud her barks is, yes they love the sound of their own voices. If there is anything you want to know just let me know.
  8. Those are such beautiful dogs!! They sound a lot like the Shiba Inu personality-wise. Good luck with your new family member, brunettetiger! :smile: