Samorga Organizer

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  1. I am looking at one for my Speedy 35 so the bag doesn't become a bottomless pit and to give it some structure. However, I like a little sag and don't want it to become too boxy. Anyone have this organizer? If so do you recommend it? Thanks!
  2. I know some ppl use it and like it
    personaly I got mine of ebay
  3. Hello,

    I am considering the following Samorga Organizer for my DE Speedy 25.

    Does anyone know if the sides of Samorga's organizers stay upright on their own, or do they collapse? I have heard that Divide and Conquer organizers stay upright, but it is difficult to find available colors on their site, and they cost more.

    Also, I like that Samorga states that their organizers are lightweight.

    This will be my first organizer, so I would appreciate any help or advice you can provide.

    Thank you! :smile:
  4. I use it for my Speedy B 40 and yes, they do stay upright on their own. It's made of thick felt so is not flimsy. I am very happy with it, so no complaints.
  5. ladybaby78, Thanks so much for your helpful response! I can't wait to get my organizer! :speedy:
  6. Glad to have helped! =)
  7. I just received mine for my speedy B 25 and it's perfect. It's very well made and the sides stay up on their own. It's very lightweight so it doesn't weigh the bag down...the only drawback is that it takes about 3 weeks to arrive!!!
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  8. I have one for my 25 and it stays upright. I really like it. I have also had a divide and conquer and right now I prefer the samorga.
  9. I have tons of these - they are well-made, very light and come in tons of pretty colors. They stay upright!
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  10. Thanks so much for your help! I am glad to hear that the Samorga works so well in the 25. I cannot wait to receive mine! Too bad about the shipping time from South Korea, but it makes sense. :smile:
  11. Good to know that you prefer Samorga! Thanks for taking the time to respond! :biggrin: I am so glad to hear that they stay upright on their own!
  12. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond! I thought I remembered that a Moderator recommended this brand -- maybe it was you, Addy!

    This will be my first-ever organizer, and I cannot wait to receive it! The anticipation, novelty, and convenience are adding something to my already fabulous and beloved bag!

    I am going for a lighter color (beige, probably) even though it is for a DE Speedy 25. I have read posts where people wish they had gone with a lighter color, but never posts where they wish they had gone with a darker color. I figure that if I wish I had chosen red, I could always use the beige in a (yet-to-be-purchased) DA Speedy 25 and order another red liner!

    I plan to place the order within a couple of days!

    Thanks again! :speedy:

  13. Just my 2cents here Lol! I have the DE and purchased the red. Really love that it matches the inside so well I forget there is an organizer inside :smile:
  14. With a lighter colour, you can actually see your things :P

    Post pics when it arrives!
  15. I can't say enough about how wonderful these samorga organizers are. I've bought a few brands of others before but I love this the absolute BEST!!!
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