Samorga liners - before and after

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  1. I ordered 2/6 and received 2/28, so roughly 3 weeks. This is during their New Year holidays too, so i think it might be faster other time.

    I cant thanks @Loiliu71 enough for her help and her pictures. I ordered the insert after seeing her bag and like magic, my bag looks happy again

    Before: the top is my bag with a bunch of papers inside, the bottom is my bag by itself

    Sarmoga insert in color "wine". Perfectly matches with my bag

    Tada. This is the empty bag with the insert inside. Look so pretty again

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  2. Stunning bag and happy to help your bag looks new!
  3. I almost gave up on my bag until i saw your pictures. Words can't describe how happy I was when i saw how good my bag was with the insert. Thanks again ;)
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  4. Just to make everyone in the UK aware. Samorga bag liners are taking much longer than previously. I ordered one on the 16/2/17 and it is despatched, but not yet in the UK. That is over a calendar month and I have still to receive it. They are worth the wait but it is much longer than any of my other orders with them.
  5. Hi ladies,

    Has anyone ever ordered a liner for the Mulberry Heritage? I have it in Fudge and desperate for a liner for it as it is so slouchy but wondered what size to get or whether I should have it custom made?

    Thanks in advance! xx
  6. It seems like this thread has died some, but I thought I’d mention I recently purchased a Samorga organizer for a new Heritage Bayswater. I’m expecting the organizer to arrive this Wednesday, which would make the waiting period just three weeks—not bad for a quality custom item.
  7. Does anyone know what size Samorga would be the best fit for a Mitzy East West Hobo bag. The Bayswater one is too big, :P
  8. I would just request a custom sized organizer from them.
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  9. Here’s my Samorga organizer inside my Bayswater. It fits very well and definitely helps the bag hold its shape. I’m thinking of ordering a second in a brighter Colours and with a different pocket layout.