Samorga liners - before and after

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  1. Yay!!

    Nope I moved her on, couple of reasons.... found access too fiddly, also the corners were starting to darken, mainly due to newspaper print from reading a paper on the commute into work.

    Yes too pretty to sell hope you are happy with your liner, will make such a difference
  2. Does anyone know of anywhere that sells liners for the large Willow? I've been trawling eBay, etsy, Amazon etc. for weeks and haven't managed to track one down!
  3. I'm pretty sure you can have one custom made if you email Lee @ Samorga.
    I've ordered one for my regular Del Rey but with the pocket outlay of a different bag/Samorga model, and it's perfect!
  4. Ah thank you! Will send them an email
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  5. Hi,
    Have just picked up a Mitzy tote at Cheshire oaks and wonder if anyone knows what size of liner would fit it ?
  6. Congrats, email Lee as I don't think he makes a standard one to fit that, may need a bespoke one

    Please do a reveal
  7. I just received notification that my SBS apricot liner shipped out! So excited to receive this in the mail so that I can start using my new bag--I've been impatiently waiting...

    Reveal to come as soon as it's in my hot little hands. :smile:
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  8. And it's here!
    Samorga liner in apricot for my Small Bayswater Satchel in oak. I asked them to add a pen pocket and a long pocket in the back for my iPad mini.
  9. That liner looks fabulous, Lovely.Purse! What was your total time, from initial enquiry to receipt?
    Ooh - and please may we see her in situ in your gorgeous oak SBS, filled and ready to go?!
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  10. Here she is outfitted with the liner and my "stuff"...
    Here's the interior. She holds (from right to left): glasses case, French purse, Hobonichi w/cover, cosmetic/emergency pouch, pen, lipgloss, and hand creme.
    Here's the bag mostly empty, but you can see how nicely the Samorga liner fits--like a glove!
    Though small, she fits a lot! Here's a profile view, but she could fit more if I let out the sides more.
  11. Forgot to mention, I ordered on Feb. 8th, item shipped on Feb. 21st, and was received yesterday, Feb. 27th! So roughly 9 business days after ordering, the liner shipped. Not bad for such a quality product with customizations...
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  12. Beautiful bag and glad you are pleased, I can't fault Samorga at all
  13. I've tried other liner makes in the UK but Samorga are the best liners by far.
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  14. That's excellent!

    Thank you so much for including such fabulous photos - it's made me want to dig out my own oak SBS and use her! I especially love your interior shot and the last photo - you've got a really super little SBS! What is that delicious-looking planner/diary I spy in there, btw?
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  15. Mayfly285: You should take out your SBS and give her some love!

    That's my Hobonichi Techo in a veg tan leather cover! Check it out here if you're curious: It's a very cool little (A6 sized) Japanese day planner--though there's an English language version. The covers are interchangeable and range anywhere from $15 to $350 depending on materials and the degree of craftsmanship which went into making the cover.
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