Samorga liners - before and after

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  1. Thank you, Elendil!
    That would be much appreciated! :smile:
  2. Hi! Does your black Edie have the guitar strap? If so, would you consider selling? I have been looking for AGES. Thank you!
  3. Hello again!! I've messaged you as sadly I no longer have it [emoji51]
  4. I've just ordered one of these in Dune for my Powder Lily. Can't wait to receive it :smile:
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  5. Dune looks a lovely shade! [emoji106] Looking forward to your reveal!
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  6. I was going to order that for mine as the pocket inside it quite close to that colour

    Hope you are pleased when it arrives, I cant fault any of mine and delivery times have really improved as has communication too
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  7. Happy New Year!
    Just going thru all post in this subject (phew). Looking for what size would fit a Cara medium. I see some of you had them made (i guess) before Samorga had the Cara on the web site. But a bit confused because the sizes you had ordered in here were not the same as on the web site for the model. As you see it's a big difference, so need some advise! Thanks! :heart:

    I found in here: W 28 cm x H 21 x D. 10 and W 27.5 x H-16 cm x D-10.5cm
    On Samorga web site: W 25.5cm x 18cm x 10.5cm.
  8. HNY2!

    Sorry can't help with Cara, if no one helps, try emailing Lee and he will advise you I'm sure
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  9. The Samorga liners are great! Good quality and I love the colour choices.
    The first one I bought was for my Bayswater.. I have two for my Celine bags too. I usually keep the liners in with the bags when storing as I find it helps keep the shape.
    Just ordered another one for my new Lily too!
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  10. Small bays with Indian pink liner.

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  11. I just got a light grey Samorga for my medium Cara.

    Here's the bag empty, without stuffing or Samorga...

    This is how it looks with an empty Samorga inside.


    It gets even more shaped when I put all my stuff inside the Samorga [emoji2]

    This is everything I tend to carry daily. Ray-Ban sunglasses case, tissues, an umbrella, a full size wallet (it is a black one so kinda hard to see), two pouches which hold my powerbank, wires, some makeup and other little stuff.
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  12. My Samorga (pictured above) is this: "Mulberry Medium Cara 1 (W10 H7 D4.1in) insert"

  13. Hi, i know this post is from 2014 but i have a question, do you remember what size of insert that you get? I have exact same bag and dont know is i should get one for regular alexa or mini alexa. Just wanna check with you before i email Lee. Many thanks ;)
  14. Hi and lucky you..... I miss this bag

    Regular, this one in wine..... I undid the sides of my bag, made sure it was positioned correctly and did it back up again.

  15. Ordered it! Can't wait until it's arrived. Thanks for quick response

    You dont have it anymore? I spilled a whole small bottle of perfume in it and left a large stain in the bottom. I was debating if i should sell it but it is too pretty for me to say goodbye