Samorga liners - before and after

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  1. Ladies would it be good to have before and afters on one thread?

    Mine has made such a difference although my BF Lexi had some structure I am guessing it would have softened even more

    This is the wine colour





    A bit if a rush job with pics and lighting not great as its grey and miserable in the UK this morning
  2. Great idea :tup: your BF tassel bag looks really good
  3. This is my Oak Leopard Lexy after adding a dark brown liner. She was absolutely super floppy before

    I will add some more when I get home, I am on hol at the mo :biggrin:

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  4. Thanks Hun, needs jiggling about a bit

    Your Lexi looks fab too, have a fab holiday

    I'm surprised no one in the UK produces these too
  5. I can add pics tomorrow!
  6. Also really surprised you can't buy any like this here. All the ones I have seen or tried before these have been a huge disappointment.

    Really pleased anyway that I have found such lovely quality liners

    My Red Onion Bays before

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  7. And after

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  8. Mine still haven't come have emailed lee again
  9. Canvas Roxy



    And after


  10. Ohh the canvas roxy looks so sad pre liner! Even the cat is checking on her.
  11. Oh No! After seeing all of these I now feel like I need 3! I too have a sad roxy (glove leather) and had long given up finding a solution.

    One for my bayswater and also slightly saggy lexi might just slip in please?
  12. It's Happy ordering! :P
  13. I'm really weird, I like the saggy look on my bags. :biggrin: These liners look like a really good option for those who don't, though.
  14. I have some Mulbs that are saggy and I really love that way. However some of my older bags that had been well used, in all conditions like my OL Lexy has gone beyond what I felt was acceptable. The Samorga liners have just been brilliant for these and it seems I have new bags :biggrin:
  15. Are there any that fit the regular size del rey, I can only see ones for bays and alexa?