Samina's Patent Rainbow...

  1. Samina!!!!! Where you been??

    Either blues or tigers?
  2. damn saavy ur good!
  3. :p Piccies!!!
  4. Ooooh, magenta Ron Rons... I want! [​IMG]
  5. Not here yet just won them today on eBay

  6. Awesome!!!
  7. Saavy - I've tried to be good and stayed away from buying any more!

    But have read up on some threads every now and then
  8. Stunning collection! Can't wait to see what you just got!
  9. still waiting for them to arrive hopefully soon!
  10. I've been on the hunt for the last two weeks for my next pair....
    It started off with something blue, then something glitter, then a Ron Ron in turquoise or navy... Moving on to the 8 mignons as I was following the sale thread in the US then I began lusting after something metal n patent with a platform...then new simples having tried on the new simple botta Guess what pair came home with me
  11. Beautiful collection! ;)
  12. Love the title of this thread and your collection! I think the magenta RRs are my faves!
  13. Thank you both the magenta Ron rons are lovely but too big I don't know why I bought them in a 38! This is what happens whn you just have to have a pair and havnt tried them on before...

    I've learnt to go go check my size in person and then hunt them down :graucho:

    I have a live reveal coming up!!! :p
  14. lovely shiny patents! great staples for a CL collection :love: i'd love to see modeling shots of your gorgeous loubies!
  15. [​IMG]