Samina's Patent Rainbow...

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  1. Very nice!
  2. Samina--those are really beautiful. Great collection! :tup: I especially like the nude simples...
  3. i :heart: the purple laminato ronrons.... nice patent collection!
  4. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Purple and magenta heaven. I am going to come steal your collection adorable. You know I actually faint when I see purple right, so this has taken me 20 mintes to type due to fainting 4 times and picking myself up off the floor.

    Dman you aren't my shoe size. Oh well, they are divine darling! Bet you rock them.
  5. Samina-yay! ;) pretty purples! so happy for you!!! they all so pretty! and shiny!
  6. Jimmy, Bags, Sumnboutme, LadyVee and Lilgoose - Thank you all sooo much I love patent and purple!!

    Need some blue in my life next.....
  7. SavvyGal - If we were shoe size twins they could come visit u x
    Lav - Thank you!
    Sammy - The Purple are my favs!
    Bagmad - Yay simples r soooo fab esp in nude they go with everything and soo classic !
  8. Samina, love the color and the shine!
  9. *sniffffffffff* I can chop my toes off?? Mind you, even if i did that they wouldnt fit :crybaby:

    I've seen some Magenta Pigalles but i'm not sure whether i want Pigalles. What do you think?

    Love your collection :heart:
  10. Saavy - pigallles are lovely but i wouldn't b able to walk in the 120s

    Gemibabe - Thank you! I love shiny!
  11. Lovely purples! I'm quite jealous of your laminato pair in particular (:p see siggy), but they're all beautiful! Thanks for sharing your pics :tup:
  12. Dessertpouch - Thank you! Ohhh u want them too, I saw lots on sale on eBay last week if I see them I'll pm u !
  13. Black Decolletes, Purple Ron Rons and Nude Simples :love:

    Wow amazing. You have the top three shoes I want!!:faint:
  14. What a wonderful collection!!
  15. Ladies!!

    I just found my UHG patents ...anyone wanna guess?