Samina's Patent Rainbow...

  1. Thank you Fumi - love ur collection!! Isn't the declic just the right shade of blue :smile:
  2. what a wonderful well-rounded collection !

    I like how practical they are so you actually could get wear out of them rather than thinking twice about how they'd look to where ever you're wearing them to. Wear them in good health !
  3. gorgeous new additions! Loving your collection Samina!
  4. Thanks ladies! Hoping to add a spring colour never in your size when you want something so bad!
  5. Fantastic new additions! The color on those Declics is TDF!!
  6. I love your collection huni x
  7. Thank you x
  8. My new additions thanks to Summer Sales at Harvey Nics!


    Angelique kid Nude 100
    New Simple Red Rouge patent 120
  9. The New Simple look soo gorgeous :heart::heart::heart:
  10. Thank you sent u a pm hope you get to score one too
  11. Lovely new additions!! Sale what sale
  12. Harvey Nics @40% off!
    Selfridges sale starts at 8am Thurs (tomrw)
    Harrods on Sat
    Loubies sale time yay
  13. ^ thanks my love I think a trip to London is called for x
  14. Wow it's been a while since I posted on here, lots of new additions to share...
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    Burgundy Patent Simples 85mm (new to me) from eBay!


    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393692117.101918.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393692097.130398.jpg