Same style, two different colors...Am I crazy???

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Just wondering - do any of you purchase the same MJ or MbMJ bags in different colors?

    I recently purchased the Softy Faridah in Camouflauge (posted about it), and fell in LOVE with it! B/c It's soooo great, I'm considering buying it in chalk also!

    Am I crazy? Do you think it's ridiculous for me to buy two of the same bag? Should I look for a different bag in white? HELP!
  2. I have 3 versions of the stella... so I'm not one to call someone crazy for buying somethign they love in more than one color!!
  3. no, i don't think you're crazy at all...if you love a bag and it works for you-stick with it.

    there are several members that have the same bags in different colors

    I would love another stella! haha
  4. Luna & moodysmom-

    Thanks! your feedback was reason enough for me (on top of the fact that I LOOOOOVE the softy faridah!). It's ordered!

    I just purchased it in chalk on sale at NM online for $299!!! OMG!!!:yahoo: - ladies, check your bookmarks! This bag was NOT available in chalk every other time I checked the website, but I just happened to get lucky today!!! sooooooo happy!!!

    I was also able to use code "NMNOW" for free shipping and "MAY" for free Italian leather card case. (I actually had trouble applying these codes, but called the customer service number, and they were able to help me!)

    I CAN'T WAIT!!! I've been slacking on posting pics of my camouflage faridah, but I PROMISE to post pics of camo + new sister CHALK when she comes in!

    thanks, everyone in MJ forum for being so great!!! :wlae::yahoo::tup:
  5. i agree! if you love the style and it's something you absolutely love, I'd get it in 2 different colors. If I could afford another stam, I would!
  6. thanks, digablebeatz! I just ordered it! :yahoo: you tpf'ers are such enablers!!! :p
  7. no problem! "enablers" has such a positive, uplifting connotation. my boyfriend refers to "tpf" as something more devious. haha.
  8. i don't buy the same bag in various colors, no matter how great the bag.
  9. great deal!! congrats on your new MBMJ.

    LOL... i own quite a few different bags/wallets of the same style in different colors. I wouldn't mind adding some more blakes or bbag cities and hobos!!
  10. My magic number seems to be two..I can get down to two colors and then I can't decide so I get two...especially when they are on sale. I have 5 Venetias though..two Capra Satchels, two large multi pockets, two shoppers, three New Totes. Then I had some bags in the same color across styles...that's where I finally drew the line and sold all the ones that weren't unique colors except for BLACK. If you are crazy sooooooo am I. mags :smile:
  11. I have two blakes and two mp's in dif're not crazy...I think we're all normal here lol!!!
  12. :nuts: 5 Venetias!!! OMG!! :drool:

    i think i :heart: you!! LOL :p
  13. If this makes you crazy then I am crazy too!!.....I will be in NY in less than 2 weeks. Just called and they have a few all black hudson bags! I already own the chestnut/black hudson and I think it is the greatest bag ever!! If it is in stock while I am is mine.
  14. I used to have four MPs! I love that bag!!!
  15. Not crazy at all, yeppun_1. I have two Original Sofias and plan to get more!