Same Style/Taste as Mother?

  1. I know this sounds ridiculous, but my mom and I are 24 years apart, but have surprisingly similar taste. Not necessarily in brands of clothes we wear, because I do carry a younger wardrobe than my mom's St. John or Escada, but I'm talking about overall style.

    We're both into the clean, stylish, put-together looks. We don't do patterns or big floral designs, always solid colors or some subtle stripes at most. I do throw in a trendy thing here or there with jewelry or cute tops, but I never go overboard with trends. I just can't keep up with it. I would equate our look most similarly to Jennifer Aniston's. Some people think she has boring taste, but I really like her style!

    Also, something I learned from my mom: not too much jewelry!! My husband proposed wtih a beautiful engagement ring, and I simply wear the wedding band and a Tiffany and he bought for me now! And I tell you, I learned it from my mom who also just wears her wedding band.

    Anyone else that enjoys shopping with their moms or have similar tastes as them?
  2. I love the way my mom dresses, she is very trendy. I mean the dress with big sunglasses, great accessories, and so on. But I am more of a simple type girl. Slacks and a nice pea coat...but that's probably why we are always asked if we are sisters.

    When shopping with my mom I have to be prepared. I love shopping and go to one mall a week at least. But she is one of very few women who can wear me out. She has to stop at every store and look at everything. And when she finds what she likes, she has to get it in every color. I'm getting exhausted just thinking about it.
  3. Great thread. My mom and I have similiar taste as well: classic, polished and mature. Some girls are offended when their mothers disapprove of something they're wearing: I give it seriously consideration and end up changing! I think my mom has fabulous taste.
  4. I love the discusion about this because I thought I was the only one that listened to my mom's critique of my style as well! I do take her advice in very high regard since she has such great style so if she thinks a handbag or something is too much, I heed it carefully!
  5. Not really, but I am a bit more in line with my Grandma who loves gold and sparkley things. My mom is a super plain Jane. I guess it skipped a generation! My mom is also pretty cheap - wouldn't buy designer things. My Gram, on the other hand, loves the expensive glam items (although she likes to find them on sale!)
  6. You are so lucky to be so similar to your mom-my mom and I are on opposite ends of the style spectrum! She takes comfort over looks. I certainly do not.
  7. Not at all...

    My mom has never worn makeup, perfume, or jewelry. She does own these items, but she could care less about using them. She doesn't care about purses or shoes (the most she ever paid for a pair of shoes was for some earthmother Birkenstocks) and she would rather buy Christmas ornaments than a new dress. We are the polar opposite in style, but I'm fine with that.
  8. Not us, not at all! My mother and I are on opposite ends of the spectrum in taste. From clothing, to jewelry to home furnishings-not even close!

    you should have seen the explicit instructions I gave her 15 years ago when I was getting married concerning the type of jewelry she was allowed to wear with her dress! LOL

    She tends to go for large, loud gaudy colorful pieces whether it be jewelry or clothing and that is so not me~!
  9. I think I am. My mother has very simple taste. She allowed me to experience different styles when I was growing up, but I've now mostly gravitated to her taste...very, very simple.
  10. My Mom and I couldn't dress OR look more different...she is blond and blue eyed, and dresses like an "English Rose" (kind of cheesy, but describes her). I am dark, and veer towards the outrageous, as long as I can pull it off!! One thing I have learned from her though, and follow closely, is no matter how good something looks...if it doesn't look good on you...don't wear it!!!!
  11. my mom and i really dont see eye to eye on a lot of things.. we butt heads alot but i def have her expensive taste and we could always flip through a catalog and pick what we would wear or like... i def have her very put together, classic look
  12. I think I know what you mean...I have similar, but younger tastes than mom. She def. taught me how to 'pull together' a look. And how the maximize a room and stuff like that.
  13. Everything I learned about style I learned from my mother. Whether it was handbags, shoes, clothes, jewelry. I still ask her opinion on the things I buy and trust her word.
    Someday, I hope my daughter will feel the same.
  14. My mom instilled in me my love for classy, elegant style. My daughter is one now and I hope she'll love all the things I am hoping to pass down to her one day.
  15. My mom and I have completely different styles. She is much more into comfort than anything else and loves sweats. I love to dress up, even if it's just for school. Our styles do overlap occasionally but most of the time we're complete opposites.